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    Handbrake cable

    Hi Has anybody had issues with fitting pagid handbrake cables from eurocarports. Went to fit one today and couldn't get both ends connected, 7nless I'm missing something it appears to be too short. Any advice appreciated Cheers Matt
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    Brake refresh opinions

    Hi all After some advice opinions on brakes, my rears need new pads and discs. I know the general consensus seems to be use standard Renault pads and discs ( I understand the rears don't do much work!), just wondered if anybody had any experience with Godspeed discs...
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    Oil cooler sandwich plate

    Hi After any advice, I'm getting an oil cooler fitted as it is getting warm on track (car is boosted btw) but would like a thermostatic sandwich plate with temperature port as well as the oil cooler feed. Has anybody used one or know of one. Cheers in advance Matt
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    LSD Opinions

    Looking for opinions on LSD's for my 225 gearbox. obviously could just get a R26 box or are other LSD's a better option. Cheers in advance. Matt
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    Key fob not working

    Hi My Key fob has decided to stop working, got the front up on stands this morning to change my pads, went to leave the car and tried to lock it (force of habbit) and nothing happened lock or unlock, car still starts ok. checked the battery and still fine. any ideas suggestions would be great...
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    Headlight Fuse location

    Hi Sorry if this has been already answered, one of my dip beam lamps stopped a week ago and the other has not gone, before I change the bulbs which looks a nightmare does anybody have the layout of the fusebox behind the passenger headlight as i cant find any reference to dip beam fuse. Cheers...
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    Fitting Roll cage HELP!

    just bought a half cage from JP cages, cage arrived and looks great. I am now trying to get it in the car and having a real struggle the rear is completely stripped and the front seats are out. Any tips on technique for getting it in. I'll try and post a pic show far I got with it Cheers Matt
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    Battery Relocation questions

    Hi Going to be relocating the battery to the boot soon just wondered what people have done about the fuse boxes attached to the plastic battery tray as I want to ditch the battery tray. Any pics would be great. Cheers Matt
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    Radio display connections

    Hi After some info on the radio display, does anybody have any info on the pinouts, connection type and if possible the protocol renault use to write to the display. Cheers in advance Matt
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    Driveshaft part number

    Hi I need a new os driveshaft for my meglio, is it possible for anybody to check this part number, the number I have is 7711497234 Thanks in advance Matt
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    New driveshaft

    Hi I found I have a split in my offside outer driveshaft boot, I see you can buy just the boot (megane driveshaft btw meglio) for about £40 but I'm thinking it may be better to buy a new one, other than renault does anybody else these at a reasonable price. Cheers Matt
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    Track day tuition

    looking for some suggestions. Anybody ever had any track day tuition that they would recommend , I would like do some preferably with a car provided. cheers in advance.
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    New Brakes Suggestions

    After some brake advice, first track day at Snetterton last week in my new Meglio and the brakes were fading and juddering after less than ten minutes, the pads are decent Ferodo ds 1.11 (front) and DS2500 or the rear. Not sure on the make of the discs and they don’t look great so going you...
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    Wheel arch liners

    Trying to find both parts of the driver side arch liner. Anybody have these for sale or know where I could get some reasonable price( other than renault) Cheers Matt