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  1. John Gordon

    Wheel spacers thoughts

    Surprised by the difference you're all feeling without the spacers, I didn't feel such a drastic difference. Probably says more about and my driving level though.
  2. John Gordon

    Wheel spacers thoughts

    When I first bought my Clio the spacers were the only mod the car had on it. I took them off to start with as I'd read all the forum chatter about geometry and advanced strain on bearings and bushes. Within a week I'd put them back on simply because it looked daft without them with the wheels...
  3. John Gordon

    Wheel spacers thoughts

    I've had 25mm spacers on my 197 for the last 6 years. Not failed an APK once. :)
  4. John Gordon

    Track Day Tyre Pressure

    What are peoples starting pressures? (Cold). On my last track sessions a few weeks ago I went for 31/28 (R888r). Forgot to bring a pressure gauge with me so was just winging it. Felt like I could come down a bit at the front as I had a bit of understeer. Curious where others start from?
  5. John Gordon

    Brake Pads - PBS or DS1.1

    As is car forum tradition, I'm going to say that I feel the opposite. I find the ProRace fine as a fast road pad but not very confidence inspiring on track. Lacked bite and I assume they are a gassy pad as the pedal feel was quite spongy.
  6. John Gordon


    R888r. Rivers across the track and everything. Although feeling a little sketch, they actually did really well.
  7. John Gordon

    Renaultsport R27 0465

    Hi, it's each to their own I guess. To be very honest, I leave my car to Madeno as they have been doing a majority of the VLN Clios for year's and have rafts of knowledge. I love going there and the owner Leo shows me all the different evolutions of damper rates from their damper dyno and I get...
  8. John Gordon

    Daily/occasional track advise

    Sounds daft. But of you don't mind squeaky brakes, I'd recommend the CL RC6. I need a new set of fronts after 5 track day's and about a year of hard road use. They perform stupendously and last forever. Expensive, but not when you do the full math based on their life cycle. Work surprisingly...
  9. John Gordon

    Another Supreme Motorsport build

    Could everyone just stop with the super clean builds? You're making mine look like a dog in comparison and making me feel very guilty.
  10. John Gordon

    cup racer driveshaft options?

    I'm not 100% sure, but would assume that they were unique due to the Sadev fittings? As apposed to being Renault parts bin jobs.
  11. John Gordon

    Lightweight flywheel sound

    I have one on a 230 lump. Sounds like a bearing has gone on idle. When pressing the clutch the noise dissapears. Worse when hot.
  12. John Gordon

    Renaultsport R27 0465

    'Spot the difference' in the second pic :)
  13. John Gordon

    Track focused geo settings

    I'm also no expert, so I don't want to come across as a nob. But from what I do know, the feathery rubber is graining. This happens because the tyre does not get into its working range. I think you'd gain to lower the pressure. I usually start a few psi below recommended book pressures. This...
  14. John Gordon

    Track focused geo settings

    I got curious after looking at your pics. Here's my fronts I had to replace for the MOT. My settings are further up the thread. This is after two track day's at Zaandvoort.
  15. John Gordon

    Track focused geo settings

    Do you run slicks on track?
  16. John Gordon

    Track focused geo settings

    Mine wanders at 2.6, so I'm going with a hard yes. You're only running on part of the tyre so much smaller contact patch
  17. John Gordon

    Track focused geo settings

    You'd have to be really leaning on the car to get the most out of a tyre with 3.5 camber in my opinion. I can't see many of us on here generating that much lateral load on track.
  18. John Gordon

    Big Bens Albi T

    Love the fuel setup. It's very much needed as under half a tank on long fast bends I get the surge. I might have to copy this :)
  19. John Gordon

    Track focused geo settings

    I'm running... Camber: F 2.6 R 2.0 Toe: F -0.5 R +2 Caster: -7.2 Wheel centre to wheel arch: F 330 R 335