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  1. tcw

    Serious judder when pulling away.

    Recently when pulling away fast, there's a lot of judder. I've bought inserts for the mounts, but I genuinely believe it's clutch related. Has anyone had anything similar? All ideas welcome. Tobie
  2. tcw

    Heatshield replacement

    Hey everyone... random question - any idea on a replacement heat shield that isn't the fibre type material? Mine is ripped in the middle and I wondered if a Megane 225 heatshield (metal) or similar would be a direct swap?
  3. tcw

    Exhaust clamp (CAT to manifold) - best/cheapest.

    Hey all... Need to replace my CAT to manifold exhaust clamp. Where's the best place to source the part, and is it best to use the two bolt or single bolt version? I had bought a 69mm two bolt version but it's way too small... I now read it's 77mm (according to the lookup of the Renault part...
  4. tcw

    17x8 Cup Speedline Offset?

    I can't find this anywhere - I am looking at picking up a set of Braid and was wondering what the 17x8 Speedline offset is? Thanks Tobie.
  5. tcw

    Inner Tie Rods - aftermarket alternatives/where to buy?

    Aside from Renault Parts Direct and the Renault genuine part... has anyone tried any of the aftermarket alternatives for inner tie rods? I need to replace one of mine in the not too distant future and ideally would like to buy a pair. I am happy to replace them with genuine parts, however...
  6. tcw

    RSTuner vs CAN Clip for general problem diagnosis

    Hey everyone, Not sure if this appropriate but I'm going to ask anyway. I've got a problem with the lights, which I am pretty sure it's the sensor. Now the most 'for sure' way to diagnose this, I am told is via the CLIP. I don't own a CLIP. Now I've got two options: * Take it to the garage...
  7. tcw

    tcw's Clio 197

    Hey people. Picked up a black Clio 197 at the weekend, from @welshname (a really nice bloke). I've wanted to startup a thread, but wanted to take my own photos first, the weather isn't allowing it so I shall use the photos he sent me for now. My plans are as follows New Plates... I don't like...
  8. tcw

    Xenons automatically pointing at the floor.

    So I picked up a Clio yesterday, all was good on route home until it got dark. Everything was fine, however occasionally the lights would automatically adjust and start pointing directly at the floor, so visibility was poor. Since then it's pretty much stayed like that, except for a brief...
  9. tcw

    197 Buying Advice

    Going to look at at 197 tomorrow. It looks clean and tidy and the price is good (it needs belts doing, but I've taken that into consideration). Is there anything specific I should be looking out for, aside from gearbox. Cheers, Tobie