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  1. Phenom

    UPC Replacement Needed?

    So driving home Thursday I had no headlights. Only dipped beam not working, got side lights, high beam and indicators. Have checked all bulbs, fuses and relay and is all good. Flicking the switch gets the light on the dash so don't think it's a issue with the stalk as putting auto lights on...
  2. Phenom

    Mk 3 1.2 16v , whoosing noise

    I'm probably not going to be much help Brake/clutch fluid still that side of the bay on a 1.2? any chance the cap or something is letting air out once the fluid has heated up?
  3. Phenom

    Burning Oil at High Revs

    Took it my garage had to looked at properly, after doing a leakdown and a compression test they advised me is was most likely piston rings. I just coughed up to get another engine put in and it's been flawless since. Might have been a bit overkill and maybe a just a rebuild would have been...
  4. Phenom

    To buy or not to buy: EP3 or 197 Cup

    Also make sure belts, water pump etc have been done also costly job to get done if cannot do it yourself.
  5. Phenom

    Come at me with all you audio questions!

    might be irrelevant now but got an email so i'm here to cast my vote the way of the SWE-815, bought mine without too much research and omg for the price and size I don't think you'll find anything close to this.
  6. Phenom

    OEM Key Card Part No?

    7701209137 so people can copy and paste it easy if they need
  7. Phenom

    OEM Key Card Part No?

    Tried this worked for a bit but I like to swing my keys around lol
  8. Phenom

    OEM Key Card Part No?

    following... got tape holding my key in as well :tearsofjoy: don't want my pants pulled down paying for whole new key and coding
  9. Phenom

    Replacing Top Mounts

    Passenger side top mount has started knocking as cant afford the nice set of coilovers I want just going to replace the top mount with OEM part. I have two questions in my mind for this. 1. Do I need to do the offside top mount also? 2. As this is probably the first time the suspension will be...
  10. Phenom

    Boot Lid Replacement

    So i just need to avoid any with the little lip spoiler up top so i can transplant my cup spoiler. Thanks
  11. Phenom

    Boot Lid Replacement

    Did a quick search but couldn't find an answer just want to confirm that the boot lid on the 197/200 are the same as the standard Clio boot lids? as looking to do some bits without ruining the one that's on the car already, if anyone has a glacier white boot lid for cheap in the south east...
  12. Phenom

    Come at me with all you audio questions!

    Never tried tbh, didn't want to throw money at something that I wasn't confident was going to work. Part number for the headunit is 281159389R but i dont know if you will need the tomtom screen. if you need the tomtom screen the part number is 259156554R. as far as i know the headunit should...
  13. Phenom

    Handbrake not Working After Changing Rear Discs

    Finally got round to getting the car up and having a look, had to give the arm where the cable attaches to the caliper a little wack to free it up both sides after that I took the cable off of each caliper and gave them couple of pulls to make sure it was all freed up inside the cable. looks at...
  14. Phenom

    Handbrake not Working After Changing Rear Discs

    Going to check cable is free when's it's dried out a bit. Can you explain that bit some more? Is that having the part where the cable attaches all the way back against the other bit behind it? Because it definitely wasn't all the way back against it
  15. Phenom

    Handbrake not Working After Changing Rear Discs

    Will give it a go when it's dry, don't feel like rolling around in the wet today. I removed it from the lever side yesterday and couldn't get any movement? But it was still on at the caliper though so will try it there as well
  16. Phenom

    Keyless Entry Temperamental Drivers Side

    Already tried, 2 new battery in both keycards and no difference. the occasional time it does work its on a double pull to unlock, where it unlocks after the first pull and the second pull opens the door. its never hand on handle door unlocks open first time like it is passenger side. will try...
  17. Phenom

    Keyless Entry Temperamental Drivers Side

    No nothing like, I thought it may be something to do with it being further away in my pocket, but even holding the keycard in the same hand I'm opening the door with does nothing but still perfect no matter what pocket or hand the keycard is in for passenger side or boot.
  18. Phenom

    Cup Spoiler End Plate Loose

    One of the end plate of my cup spoiler are loose and has some play in it. although it doesn't make an audible rattle or anything I would like it not to be loose. but the screws/bolts in the end plate spin freely in both directions, I'm assuming what ever nut or thread inside the spoiler itself...
  19. Phenom

    18yr old Twingo RS 133 or similar insurance ??? Where do you guys go ?

    quick fix of price typo as Poundland dont do insurance
  20. Phenom

    EBAY gravity exhaust manifold

    as a side note though it seems Toyo are selling the same manifold now? So maybe they have redesigned their manifold with the flexi?