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    TL4 Clio 197/200 Gearbox videos (The dark art)

    Very good videos but not in English of a guy taking apart and reassembling Clio RS TL4 gearboxes but like most YouTube videos watch them Fri, do them Sat and Sun then Monday looking for a mechanic or a replacement to fix what you thought was a piece of p*ss to do.
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    Black Diamond Cut 197/Gordini Wheels

    If it helps anyone I purchased a set of four well three usable black diamond cut wheels with centers when at the Oulton Park round of the BSB and was stuck trying to get an extra one to complete a set, I have a few standard silver 197 rims so I brought a couple to my local alloy wheel guy in...
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    Steering Rack Options which way to go?

    MOT time checking all round the car thinking everything should be good went to the front wheels grabbed them at the 9 - 3 O'clock position with a push and pull and found travel and a knock. The track rod ends and inner track rods changed in late 2016 and can't find obvious play in them as the...
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    Anyone identify this rear bumper

    I'm just asking is the rear bumper in the picture something you can buy or is it a one off custom job. I kind of like it
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    2008 Clio 197 Cup Misfire (Fixed)

    I was asked to look at a Clio 197 cup with a misfire but only had time today and it is fixed now so just felt like sharing to help point people in the right direction as so many have the problem and you don't always get the answer. Problem: When the car is cold ran fine as it warmed up a...
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    Rear 197 poss 200 Brake Caliper Carriers are the same LH - RH

    For cosmetic reasons and the price they were selling at I bought the rear brake calliper carriers as I was refitting new genuine rear discs and possibly new calipers as well and since they are next to each other I just wanted everything to look new. Anyway the part numbers for the left and right...
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    Fog Lights turning off when indicating right

    MOT is on Monday but have had this problem the past month, when I turn my fog lights on I noticed they were turning the front fogs off by themselves quite randomly until on the roundabout I found indicating right for the second time the forward fog lights would turn off. I could turn them back...
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    Reset A Factory Fitted Radio (UpdateList model anyway)

    I was able to do this on my 172 radio and since it is also fitted to the 197 it should still work. I'm unsure about Cabasse models. Someone might find it useful if they are buying a used radio from a different model of car. Factory Reset Not something you are likely to need unless you ship the...
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    R26 Wheels are they all the same.

    I got a set of R26 wheels for the 197 Clio used, and had done a bit of research and thought they were 18 x 7.5 with an ET of 60. The set I have bought are 18 x 8 ET68 they came with 235/40 18 tyres and I was going to run them on 225/40 18 tyres. I have had them on the car to test for a few days...