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    New Membership Packages NOW LIVE

    membership not my responsibility unfortunately... @Nik
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    Increase Engine RPM Limit

    think the cup racers were running to 7800rpm...but had arp rod bolts fitted
  3. Foxspeed

    Connecting rod bearings tightening torque

    can only find details for fr4 797 engine... 20nm + 40 deg +/- 6 deg
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    New Member

    welcome :french:
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    Increase Engine RPM Limit

    yes - had mine lifted 300rpm when i had it mapped by rs tuning
  6. Foxspeed

    front hub carriers

    cup vs non cup difference only spring and dampers + anti-roll bar and on 200 steering rack (as in its quicker) suspension wise...and later cars have different top mounts
  7. Foxspeed

    Millers Oils EE Performance Engine Oil

    i have dealt with millers direct with regards oil supply at set of guys and they know their stuff! ps used the ee nanodrive oil 0w20 gf 6a in the yaris
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    Hey guys, Renault n00bie here! First time owner!

    welcome :french:
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    My Ultra Red 197

    clean off with brake cleaner and check after a few days if it comes back just take the bolt out clean off and a smear of rtv under the bolt head and refit
  10. Foxspeed

    2010 Renault Clio DCI Turbo feed problem

    i suppose it could be the issue...dont work at the engine shop anymore so not got access to the data on head gaskets 2 options take it back to them to fix correctly or take the head off and have a look...
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    Liquid Yellow

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    2010 Renault Clio DCI Turbo feed problem

    slight clue here...still the k9k engine...if that pipe is disconnected and engine spun over should be oil there if not then need further investigation..
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    New to the Clio 197

    welcome :french:
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    Misfire/ Hesitation Under Acceleration

    check the spark plugs...quick & easy to do....
  15. Foxspeed

    hub carrier damage

    anti-rotation link has been loose... could just put a nut and washer on and tighten it up or maybe a little chemical metal in the ovulid hole to take it back to being round - clean & dress up with a file and then nut & washer nice and tight should be fine
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    Hey Mate, Aus GP 200 Clio cup

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    albi blue 197 usually at the motorist sherburn-in-elmet leeds

    been there nearly everytime i have been...someone who works there?
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    New Clio 197 owner

    welcome :french:
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    wow nicely done :drunk:
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    Weird overheating issue

    most likely this and the stats are an issue on them... but usually over cool the engine