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  1. jasonlovesfrench

    200 Cup Suspension Bottoms Out

    Is it me or does the cup suspension bottom out on bumps fairly easily? I don’t recall my 197 doing this - our roads are pretty dreadful admittedly but I feel it’s far to easy to get the car to do that familiar bottom out clunk. I’m confident nothing is broken it’s only been installed recently...
  2. jasonlovesfrench

    Stock wheel paint codes?

    Anyone know the stock wheel paint codes?? I've done a search but can't find the codes for - Standard silver alloys (I'm guessing the same colour is used on the door handles?) Anthracite alloys Many thanks id like to get identical colour match for refurbishment.
  3. jasonlovesfrench

    Liquid Yellow 200 Northampton Mereway Tesco

    We waved at each other :french:
  4. jasonlovesfrench

    Audi TT recaros

    Hey dudes! Do you know how much work is involved in getting some Audi TT Recaros with OMP bases to fit my 200?? Is it simply a case of getting the seats attached to my Renault bases? what about airbag? would I need to get this programmed out? or am I stuck with a warning light forever? and...
  5. jasonlovesfrench

    Seat options

    Looking for good but not super expensive seat options for my 200. I find the seating position of the standard 200 seats really weird, I can't get comfortable and I don't recall this being a problem with the Recaro's in my F1. Is it feasible to look at used Audi seats and other stock car brands...
  6. jasonlovesfrench

    What tyres for X85?

    Buying some Speedline Cup X85 17" x 8J, 5 x 108, ET68 rims soon and don’t know what tyres and more importantly, sizes for road use only? 215/45/17? and also what tyres did the Clio’s roll off the line with? was it Pilot Sports?
  7. jasonlovesfrench

    Winter bimble 200

  8. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    So she's completely stock, she's completely sexy! say hello to my little Maeva the black 200. Pushing 46k miles and mechanically superb! standard interior, no fancy cup pack here! :french:. Bad bits .... exterior isn't brilliant for a car that's hardly been driven tbh, its had 3 washes and the...
  9. jasonlovesfrench

    Buying help

    Hi I’m looking at some Clio 200’s and found a few I like. One in particular had both front springs picked up on an MOT in 2016, obviously sorted since but should I avoid? Is this crash potential? Reason(s) for failure Nearside Front coil spring broken (2.4.C.1a) Offside Front coil spring broken...
  10. jasonlovesfrench

    Want some photos doing of your RS?

    I take photos in my spare time a bit of a hobby - wondering if anyone fairly local to Northampton would like a shoot doing? - I'll share the photos with you in exchange for me being able to use them in my portfolio. Couple of recents.
  11. jasonlovesfrench

    Old member returning to RS

    Hiya, used to own a 197 and now looking for another, maybe even a 182… I can’t seem to access the for sale section can anyone help?
  12. jasonlovesfrench

    XMAS meal 2018

    Anything planned for this yet?
  13. jasonlovesfrench

    Twingo RS 133

    Some of you might remember me from the R27 and the Christmas meal out... I'm back in an RS and having fun again! and this is a place holder for the car but its the only pictures I have until the weekend I'm afraid. Renault Sport Twingo 133 Black RS seats, gear knob, handbrake. Full fat spec...
  14. jasonlovesfrench

    It's been a while...

    Hey everyone it's been a while hope you're all good? I sold my R27 at the beginning of the year due to circumstances, upgraded to a bigger house and had to downgrade my car somewhat. I'm going to look at a Twingo GT this week as I'm missing the fun the Clio gave me..I'll get ready to be slated...
  15. jasonlovesfrench

    Side lights / LED

    Hey guys anyone tried these Halfords LED bulbs in their slide lights?
  16. jasonlovesfrench

    1st gear struggle from cold

    My first gear is becoming a bitch to engage from a cold start, but once it's been running for 20 minutes it's fine. I'm sure I've read that this is a common issue on some, anyone know if it's an easy fix please?
  17. jasonlovesfrench

    MTB movie

    Check out my mtb movie if you please, I fell off the bike 4 times and got stabbed by a tree filming this!
  18. jasonlovesfrench

    Aftermarket steering wheel

    Seriously considering a custom wheel after looking on the K_Tec page. Is there anything to consider when fitting one other than having no airbag?
  19. jasonlovesfrench

    Bulbs bulbs bulbs and bulbs

    I know i've probably asked before but, what fitment do I need for my projector lights? and side lights? Also, I like mine as bluey white as possible, which ones are the blue ones? Osram Nightbreaker? pretty sure I had a Philips set that were very blue and clear but not sure which model they...
  20. jasonlovesfrench

    Project cars PS4

    Anyon up for a race or what? :)