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  1. strell

    Back Again - R27 Track Car

    Hi All, Just bought a new Clio R27 Track car. Had 2 R27's before many years back, RB and Red, now got a Silver. Has a nice list of mods done already: 403 cat cams (mapped by engine dynamics) Sparco fibreglass seats Half cage Front and rear strut braces Pms shifter Omp steering wheel and...
  2. strell

    Can’t see clios for sale

    I have owned a fair few Renaultsports in my time and was going to have a look through the classifieds on here. It seems stupid you have to be a paid member to see the cars for sale. Feel like that’s going to massively reduce the audience for the advert. I understand it for the parts. But cars?
  3. strell

    Decent exhaust company in Nottingham

    I bought an exhaust off here and it was cut a bit short at the mid silencer. Was wondering if anyone knew of a decent exhaust company that could weld it on. I live the east side of Notts but willing to travel.
  4. strell

    Returning user - R27 #470

    Hi Guys, Not sure if anyone will remember me, but I used to own and RB F1 number 489 nearly 4 years ago when I sold it. Owned it for a few years. Anyway, I just bought number 470 for my girlfriend, and am obviously insure as well ;) Doesn't look to be in the register so will post it in there...
  5. strell

    Adrian in Rolleston near Newark

    Hi mate Passed you early going through Rolleston at about 6ish. Was in my mini so dont think you noticed me. Well I am pretty sure it was you :) Joe
  6. strell

    Number plate light size

    Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone knew what size bulb the number plate lights are? I was looking to replace them with more xenon like lights from here: but i am unsure what size i need. Thanks Joe BTW the...
  7. strell

    Recaro Seat Base Replaced with Different Material

    Hi Guys, I did a quick search and couldnt find anything. I had my seat base replaced on my R27 recaros today. And when i picked it up i noticed that the material was slightly different. The best way i can describe it, is that the old material and everywhere else in the car is like a...
  8. strell

    Team dynamic pro race 1.2s

    Hi everyone I am looking at getting the above. But don't really know where to start with finding the cheapest place. Anyone know any good alloy places? Thanks Joe
  9. strell


    Hello I got spotted today in the Nottingham queens drive park and ride. I park the everyday to come back today with a flyer tucked in my drivers window seal thingy ma bob. Who was it? Own up :P Joe :)