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  1. Johnny 99

    LT12 FEK, GW 200

    Used to be mine. Wonder if the new owner is on here? Check the thread "John's GW 200" for some history & the mods on it.
  2. Johnny 99

    Silverstone GP circuit with Open Track 17/2/19

    Had a great day here with good weather. I've never been to a track day like it, with lots of professional race teams complete with double decker articulated race transporters. There was an amazing mix of cars from humble road going cars to outright racers. Also dozens of racing C1s practicing...
  3. Johnny 99

    Anyone heard from Mes?

    As above. He (@///M) has not been on here since June 30 & also the Welsh trip he was organising hasn't been mentioned in ages. Wondering if he's been busy with work, got bored, or if it's something more sinister.
  4. Johnny 99

    "Police car"

    Loving the word play here.
  5. Johnny 99

    NOT the Royal Wedding!

    With my wife wanting to watch the wedding today & also maybe the Scottish cup final (she's a life long Motherwell fan), it was a good day for me to have a drive. I headed to Ullapool & picked up the NC500 to Durness, then headed along the top of mainland UK to Thurso, Castletown & Wick before...
  6. Johnny 99

    Evo magazine test.

    Interesting "Best of the past v best of today" test in Evo this month. Mk 4 Clio owners might dispute this however. Pitted the Mk3 Clio 200 Cup against today's Peugeot 208 Gti by Peugeot Sport. Both fine hot hatches with the Clio described as "one of the all-time greats regardless of genre or...
  7. Johnny 99

    Wheel colour choices

    I'm considering buying another set of wheels for track days, but I don't know which of these colours to go for. From a re-sale angle once I don't need them anymore which colour would people be most likely to be interested in buying?
  8. Johnny 99


    Anyone heard from Mes? He's been strangely quiet.
  9. Johnny 99

    Which Powerflex bushes do I need?

    Sorry if I'm being lazy, but there are so many posts on the subject to trawl through! I know that to protect exhaust manifold flexis people often replace 3 bushes with Powerflex ones, but I can't remember which ones. Upper torque arm? Front gearbox mount & another one? If someone can tell me &...
  10. Johnny 99

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone &'big thanks to all the staff on here &'all the members who make this such a great site. Give yourselves a pat on the back.
  11. Johnny 99

    Important information

    Black diamonds are for Chavs! :silverdiamond:
  12. Johnny 99

    Christmas trees up!

    Very late this year due to both being unwell but finally got the tree up today. Anyone else going to post Christmas tree pics?
  13. Johnny 99

    Scuffed leather solutions

    I've always been very careful to avoid the seat bolster of my Recaros when getting into the car, but noticed a while back that I've been catching the side bolster & scuffing that. It's probably because I have the seat very far forward as I'm only a 28" inside leg & have to slot through a small...
  14. Johnny 99

    John's GW 200

    Ok, I never intended to do a progress thread as I never had much in the way of plans for the car, but that seems to have changed, though I'm not planning anything radical. I've posted on a couple of things I've done before, but might as well get things in one thread. Plus there are going to be a...
  15. Johnny 99

    Fiat coupe

    Does anyone else love these as much as I do? I have happy memories of a long weekend in France in my mate's 16v turbo (later superceded by the 20v turbo). Stylish, great to drive & practical! We were 4 up that weekend with luggage & there was plenty of room in the back for my wife & I whilst my...
  16. Johnny 99

    Aircon question

    Hi folks, I need a new condenser for my climate control on my 200. Does anyone know if it is the same part regardless of whether I have climate control or basic air conditioning? Thanks in advance.
  17. Johnny 99

    Cambelt change

    I know that the cam belt change interval in 200s was changed to 6 years from 5 years on 197s, but can anyone tell me the mileage limits please. Not my car, but a mate's.
  18. Johnny 99


    Spotted this in a Carlisle car park. As a former Alfa owner & still an Alfista it's a bit near the mark for me! Belongs to a well known independent Alfa specialist in Dundee.
  19. Johnny 99

    More pics from Knockhill 7/5/17

  20. Johnny 99

    Scottish Championship Car Racing, Knockhill 7/5/2017

    Had such a good day here courtesy of Opie Oils & David Sleigh Racing. An eclectic mix of cars, from Minis, Fiestas, Legends & Formula Ford to Cossies, both Escort & Sapphire, Mustangs, Cobra, MGs, you name it! What great hosts the David Sleigh team made. We were welcomed with bacon & sausage...