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  1. -Eddie-

    Front radiator support corrosion

    Just to give everyone a heads up regarding the front radiator support and the corrosion they seem to be susceptible to, if you are considering going to your local Renault dealer for an inspection of this part and hoping to have it covered by the anti corrosion and perforation warranty then do it...
  2. -Eddie-


    Does anyone know where @Chris has gone? Was just browsing and noticed he hasn’t been online since September 30th!
  3. -Eddie-

    Clio 200 Front RS Badge Removal

    Is the front RS badge on a Clio 200 easily removed or anything I should be aware of/be careful of when removing? This badge;
  4. -Eddie-

    Favour Please: Dimensions of ‘new style’ Renaultsport badge

    Hi all I need a favour please. Can someone with the ‘new’ style Renaultsport badge please get me the dimensions? Same badge as below;
  5. -Eddie-

    Stud / Nut Conversion

    Hey guys Who is running a stud / nut conversion kit? I’ve been looking at them for a while but instead of buying the likes of black TPI wheel bolts to compliment the wheels I’m going to fit the stud and nut conversion. What brand did you go for? I’ve looked at AP Motorsport, Ktec and the Pure...
  6. -Eddie-

    Wheel colour inspiration...

    I have a real problem when it comes to wheels.... If a nice set come up for sale I have to have them, so I’ve bought another set of wheels for the Clio.... These will solely be track wheels (at least that’s the plan) so I’m looking for some ‘different’ colour choices? Staying clear of the...
  7. -Eddie-

    Tyre size query...

    I’ve purchased a new set of wheels to go along with the centre caps I posted ;). The wheels are 8j and I’m just wondering what spec tyre would be best to run. The wheels on my 265 where 8.25j IIRC and the tyres where 235/35/19. So I’m thinking either 225/45/17 or 225/40/17 for the wheels on...
  8. -Eddie-

    Auto Finesse Raffle 3 of 3 - UPDATED 15/11/17

    Some of you may have seen on Facebook I’m running another raffle. I hadn’t planned on running another but the interest was so great in the last two I thought I’d run one more. After this there is very little stock left so this one will be the last! [emoji844]AUTO FINESSE RAFFLE[emoji844]...
  9. -Eddie-

    Clio 200 Front Splitter Options

    As above. What are the options for a front splitter on a 200? I’ve heard so many times about this Triple R Composites ‘coming soon’ but frankly I’ve been hearing that since I bought the car and can’t be bothered waiting any longer lol. What have you guys got in your 200?
  10. -Eddie-

    BONUS BALL RAFFLE: Auto Finesse Products

    Please read on if you’re into your detailing or would like the chance to win a heap of Auto Finesse products. I’m sure some of you have seen that I’ve recently started to sell detailing and car cleaning gear on Facebook. I’ve recently taken delivery of quite a bit of Auto Finesse product. I’ve...
  11. -Eddie-

    Clio 200 RS Monitor Part Number...?

    I've done some of my own research looking for the part number of the RS Monitor but I'm just looking confirmation of anyone who has bought one or has one in their car? I don't really want to order something from my dealer that is having to come from France and can't be returned!
  12. -Eddie-

    Photo Request....

    I'm sure there's photos out there somewhere I just can't find them... Does anyone have any photos of a Clio with Sprint Spoiler and Renaultsport side skirts? Ideally a side on photo. I'm going down the Sprint Spoiler route I think but will add side skirts at some stage. Just wanting to see if...
  13. -Eddie-

    200: Spotted: White 200, **60VUN

    In Belfast this evening, anyone here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. -Eddie-

    Opinions Please :)

    I've been wanting to add a little something to the side profile of the car ever since I bought it. On my previous R27 I had the Renaultsport side skirts which I really liked but at £300~ they are much more expensive than I would like to pay. I have added a couple of gloss black parts on the...
  15. -Eddie-

    How to replace door sill strips / kick plates?

    Does anyone know how to replace the door sill strips as below? Are they clipped in? Bonded? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. -Eddie-

    GAZ Gold Coilovers

    Obviously B14 Bilsteins are a very popular choice in coilovers for the Clio and I also had a set on the Megane which I was impressed with. I have been offered a set of GAZ Gold coilovers for similar money to the Bilsteins and they appeal to me as you can custom spec them as I've heard a few...
  17. -Eddie-

    Ultra Red 200 Cup FF

    I thought I would put a thread up on my latest Renaultsport! After a brief fling, of around 16 months, with a Megane 265 Cup I'm back in a Clio. The Megane was a superb car, fantastic all round and a real great car for track use but with moving jobs and enjoying the benefits of a company car it...
  18. -Eddie-

    How much are Clio 200 Cup alloys worth?

    My car currently has the Clio 200 Cup alloys on, with a set of ContiSport Contact 5 tyres. Tyres are all in fantastic condition, the two rear would have at least 5mm of tread and front would probably have 4mm+ also. Question is, how much is this set of wheels worth before I stick up an ad in...
  19. -Eddie-

    Old timer making a return.... UR200!

    After a 15 month fling with a Megane 265 Cup I have returned to Clio ownership! As amazing a car as the Megane was, it didn't match the fun factor of my 197. My circumstances also changed and I am now enjoying the benefit of a company car so having £16k+ tied up in a car was becoming difficult...
  20. -Eddie-

    The Clio's replacement...

    Having had almost 5 trouble free years with the Clio I reluctantly put it up for sale just over a week ago. It's a great little car and I've loved it from day one. However, I've always loved the Megane too and it was always on my list for replacements for the Clio one day. I was looking at other...