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  1. Dumdum

    Dumdums RS200 cup

    Said goodbye to the car last night! New home in Derbyshire and the bloke is a bit of a car nut so it should get some decent use deserving of a nice mercury Clio
  2. Dumdum

    Dumdums RS200 cup

    Car has gone to its new home in Derbyshire, waved goodbye last night :sob::sob:
  3. Dumdum

    Something a bit different...

    Got grills now too
  4. Dumdum

    Something a bit different...

    Bye little Clio! She’s gone! I’ll still drop in and get pm alerts if anyone needs any electrical trickery help
  5. Dumdum

    Something a bit different...

    So the reason I’m selling the Clio is I bought a partner van for fishing/car audio install also... This is my world of hobby/work once upon a time... So far I’ve done the doors, fitted a 0.5 cu ft enclosure in each door made of 12mm birch plywood, and then built it out to meet a nice trim...
  6. Dumdum

    Come at me with all you audio questions!

    My area of expertise is after market sounds being honest, however the alpine display adaptor is specifically for headunits only with ‘update list’ written on the front, if the 200 display isn’t update list it may well use different protocols and probably wont work, they tend to be very specific...
  7. Dumdum

    Interior Audio upgrades

    Upgrading them without deadening the doors properly is not gonna be an improvement of any kind, I’d do a number on the doors with deadener and seal the doors up nicely before spending owt on speakers, also don’t forget after market speakers aren’t designed generally to run off a headunit, and...
  8. Dumdum

    Chassis refresh

    I’ve seen hairline tiny cracks round enough drilling’s to make me exercise caution, not all though, just keep an eye on them
  9. Dumdum

    Chassis refresh

    Be careful on track with drilled discs... lots on here use solids as they have a tendency to crack with heat around the holes... most just go for high carbon Brembo solid discs for this reason I presume, or g hook discs if serious about track work
  10. Dumdum

    200: Akropovic system - far too loud?!

    I can hear my standard 200 exhaust at 25mph, so to say you can’t hear the Akra at low speeds is not accurate...
  11. Dumdum

    **VOTE** Photo of the Year 2018

    June We should get a calendar done of the winners next year
  12. Dumdum

    Ticking sound at the right side of the engine!

    Yes it’s a sign to switch it off and stop running it, could be the variator pulley or something loose on the cambelt side of things, either way I’d be getting it recovered to a garage and getting it looked at ASAP and not running it!
  13. Dumdum

    Anyone know a paint code for the dash trims?

    I should add the Black is for the 200 bumper insert and rear diffuser not dash trim!
  14. Dumdum

    Anyone know a paint code for the dash trims?

    Took some finding as it was in the middle of a Facebook post
  15. Dumdum

    Rear end wobble

    Tbh the h&r springs are designed around a standard damper, if they were designed for a koni damper they are being mis sold... they are designed to be a stand alone upgrade to factory kit and dampers... Would it not be easier... rather than throwing money at an issue that may purely be a...
  16. Dumdum

    Clio 3 re ph1 Rebuilt engine wont start.

    Has it got a cam signal, some engines need both signals to be in ‘synchronisation’ to fire and run, otherwise I’d put money on it a plug in the wrong place or not in fully, take the entire loom off and double check everything Any codes when plugged in? If it fired before it should fire again...
  17. Dumdum

    200 cup price advice please

    See my progress thread and drop me a message if interested, for sale now No recaros however ;)
  18. Dumdum

    Struggling for colour match- Glacier White

    @Sean197 thats what they had to do with mine I described above
  19. Dumdum

    Struggling for colour match- Glacier White

    Also primer colour can change the colour of topcoat, I’d use grey or white primer for white, but Renault May have used either which will add variation to the final colour and how it looks