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  1. MarcB

    Mk3 197 / 200 PDFs (Workshop Manual)

    I have here the full genuine OE Renault workshop manual for the Mk3 197/200 It covers alot as there is 7,991 pages in the manual. I also have a pile load of 1*2 PDFs including workshop manuals. If anyone is looking for anything drop me a PM with your name and e-mail address, These are all...
  2. MarcB

    Clio 197 Brake Lines

    Looking for a decent set of braided brake lines for the 197. There is so many choices and options out there but im looking for a set that is bang on with length so they are not too long or short. There is K-Tec, Puremotorsport, KAM Racing and then the usual suspects on ebay but are they all...
  3. MarcB

    Last Picture Of The Year

    Managed to get a few snaps while having nothing to do at work this morning. Here is the last iPhone pictures of the year from me.
  4. MarcB

    Miltek manifold ?

    Did Miltek make a produce a clio mk3 197/200 manifold ? There is a guy on Facebook selling one for £100 but I was under the impression that it was a choice of 3/4 Standard Toyo/Drenza K-tec Predator
  5. MarcB

    Front Seats (Recaro)

    Looking for some advice or any "how to" guides on this. Im looking to fully take the whole seat frame, Slider/tilt off the seat as I would like to get them stripped and painted. Can anyone point me to any strip down links or videos online. Cheers
  6. MarcB

    Can You Find It ?

    Its little cheesy and cheeky but thought I would get some yellow into the pictures
  7. MarcB

    Small toy

    Well just a couple of quick pictures of the car at work, Looks like a small toy in this place.
  8. MarcB

    First Clean Of 2019

    Decided to get the LY and give it a good clean under the arches and at the back of the alloys. Was a little lazy and never done the rears. Good wash along with removing all the tar spots and then a quick polish and tyre dressing.
  9. MarcB

    Help & Info Needed Please

    Looking for advice on engine mounts. Will be fitting a new manifold soon and wanted to do a few mounts. I already have the upper torque mount on the car and im wondering if its worth doing the upper engine mount (First Picture) I will be popping a lower dogbone one in (Second Picture) with a...
  10. MarcB

    The Daily

    So 3 years ago we bought an Audi A3 2.0 TDi S-line with DSG and it was a perfect car but as it was a 2007 it was getting little older and the arches had the common rust issues in the last 4/6 months so we decided to take advantage of the January discounts / sales and chop it in for something...
  11. MarcB

    Daily Scrapper

    Was down cutting trees today so thought I would grab some pictures of the LY. Not too shabby for a car that sits outside the house Monday to Friday and then gets dragged through some fields at the weekends.
  12. MarcB

    Suggestions - What To Do.

    Right I have had these laying around for ages and unsure what to do with them as they are a bit of a mish mash of bits. 2 Genuine bottom arms. Both ball joints are past it and are being taken out (unscrewed) One arm has had an power flex bush fitted but only the one, This I find strange as I...
  13. MarcB

    ** Front Radiator Support AKA Front Subframe ** PLEASE READ !!

    ** Front Radiator Support AKA Front Subframe ** I have just had mine replaced under warranty on a 11 year old Clio Mk3 197 (57 Plate) To get this done book into your local dealer for a Anti Corrosion warranty inspection for the part above. The dealer will take pictures & write a report and...
  14. MarcB

    Interior Paint Code

    Does anyone know the correct paint code for the 200 Clocks ? They are some sort of anthracite , They are the same as the dash strips on the cups I think. Here is a picture of the clocks and centre heater control panel.
  15. MarcB

    HIDs = NO NO

    Just seen this on pussbook , dont know if there is any truth in it there but there seems to be a few things that are true so maybe worth a read - Major changes to the MOT test on 20th of May 2018 Some of you may have already heard that there are big changes coming to the MOT test this May...
  16. MarcB

    ** Help Required **

    Right as some people are aware I bought a very good clean set of Projectors with cornering lights. Obviously the cornering lights dont work but everything else is perfect and spot on. I have been looking to upgrade the H1 dipped beam and H7 main beam on the projectors and I have managed to get...
  17. MarcB

    Airbox / Induction

    looking for some info and help if possible. 1, what the going price for a second hand K-tec induction set up ? 2, are they any good and worth the money ? 3, what’s the Pro’s and Con’s over a standard airbox ?
  18. MarcB

    Help & Info Needed.

    I hate to say it and i'm rather ashamed that I have almost had the LY F1 for almost a full year (Come Jan) and I have never polished or waxed it. Now the time is coming where its now getting cold, the roads are covered in salt and they are always dirty so im looking in the next couple of...
  19. MarcB

    Info on dash vents

    Im looking for some advice regarding the 3 dash vents. I noticed in the picture below these are painted a gloss black round the edge of the vents. Can anyone tell me how the heater vents actually come out the car and can they tell me if they can be stripped and painted and then built back up.
  20. MarcB

    ALL F1 R27 Owners - please read

    ATTENTION all Clio 197 F1 R27 Owners I’m trying to find out if any owners would be interested looking to buy a new F1 Plaque that is under the handbrake. As some people might be aware these can not be bought from Renault and there is no alternative at the moment. I have managed after months...