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  1. DafyddJones

    Can anyone identify these wheels?

    Could be wrong but are they compomotives?
  2. DafyddJones

    Caliper pins - my view.

    When I bought my 200 2 of the first things I did was changed the pins for Mr Pink Pins and use ceratec grease instead of copper slip and also powerflex engine and gearbox mount bushes. Didn't touch the pads for about 10-11 months before changing to PBS pads and the pins came out easily. Made...
  3. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    So it’s been a while. I think about a month ago I fitted PBS pads which I’m really pleased with, could do with out the additional dust but I knew that was to come. Since I’ve been off work I’ve been doing a few bits to try and keep busy. First off I washed my car and carried on finishing most...
  4. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Ideal thanks! Think I’ll sort fluid and pads first just so it’s ready for when a track day comes up!
  5. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Thanks man I appreciate it! Especially the discount code haha. I think I’ll be able to “borrow” some loctite from work if the right one is there. 270 isn’t it? Yeah I think I’ll go for SRF then. Isn’t it suppose to last longer than the 600?
  6. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    So it’s been a while since I did an update. My 3rd gear synchro started to go so I ended up selling my motorcrosser to not only to fund a gearbox rebuild but also for a Quaife ATB LSD which was done last week and I’m loving the car again now. I’ve also fitted the K-tec induction kit which...
  7. DafyddJones

    Radiator Mounting Cross Member Part No. 2009 197 Cup

    Thanks for posting this though. Got my synchros done by Supreme Motorsport on Monday and he said everything on the car seems good except also my radiator support is rusted so I’ll be looking for one soon and I was struggling to find the right one for the 200!
  8. DafyddJones

    Val-Racing ATB LSD review

    Does anyone have the link for one of these?
  9. DafyddJones

    Cracked steering knuckle

    So yesterday my car was at my usual garage to get the lower and upper ball joints replaced as the lower one on the passenger side had some play. I did think about doing it myself but I thought they would be much faster than me doing it and I would be without a car for more than a day. But...
  10. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Scorpion exhaust is on and it sounds amazing gutted I didn’t get any pictures of the install though! I also debadged the CLIO lettering For that clean look! I can already see myself spending a lot more money than I thought I would on this car. Considering getting recaros to make it a proper...
  11. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Im thinking of getting new wheels anyway so could use my current speedlines to put track tyres on
  12. DafyddJones

    Ktec full exhaust, manifold and sports cat

    Isn’t the Cat in the manifold a pre-cat and then the secondary cat is the main cat?
  13. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Another update. Rear bearing and thermostat now sorted but of course something else goes wrong. I’m thinking it’s the passenger lower ball joint as there’s a loud squeal as I turn at very low speeds. Going to try and get it on a ramp this week to have a look. Hopefully it will be on a ramp...
  14. DafyddJones

    White 200 spotted at Japfest

    White 200 at Japfest Donington. Anyone off here?
  15. DafyddJones

    The Definitive What Exhaust Do You Have Thread...

    I’m looking at getting at cat-back for my 200 soon but can’t decide between Scorpion res, Ktec or Milltek res systems. What’s best?
  16. DafyddJones

    ***MEGA POTM***

    Best Worst (The old car and the current car)
  17. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Gave her an overdue wash today. She looks much better clean Got the rear discs to go on next week to sort out the dodgy bearing along with pads while I’m changing the discs but also I noticed on the Facebook page people saying that they didn’t think their car was running hot enough and this...
  18. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    I’m very happy with it. Haven’t had a car put a smile on my face like this has! But I have put a lot of petrol into it since I put it on the road at the start of May. Averaging 27 mpg is a killer but so worth it Only issue I have is that the driver side rear bearing is making a noise while...
  19. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    Just a little update. Stayed after work tonight to fit the upper torque mount powerflex bush, the powerflex inserts in the dogbone mount and Mr pink pins stainless brake pad retaining pins. Having a ramp made the dog bone inserts much easier.
  20. DafyddJones

    My first french car (Clio 200)

    I’ve already bought the 4, I think I’ll fit them all and then take that one out of I find it’s too bad