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  1. MarcB

    The Definitive Exhaust Manifold Thread

    I have have a Toyo on my 197, Like all they will fail at the exhaust Flexi in time but its a cheap and easy fix to either replace the Flexi in situ or to spend another £160 and get another manifold. I would...
  2. MarcB

    Boot Lid Replacement

    This Might Help If Its About Rust.
  3. MarcB

    What's your number !

    You can buy these from renault im sure.I might be wrong but they are item numbers 11 & 12 from this picture below
  4. MarcB

    Any help on finding out the number of my sliverstone gp??

    Hate to say it but even France have no idea whats what as records of these cars where not kept. I spent hours upon hours dealing with someone very high up in the Renault sport devision and yet he could get nothing from France or UK. It seems from all the data and info I have managed to gather...
  5. MarcB

    Any help on finding out the number of my sliverstone gp??

    There is not very many car makers that actually put chassis number to limited edition number and then to reg plate and then keep a record of it. All they do is build the car and slap a sticker on it. If you ever get a R27 F1 take the 4 small screws off and take the plaque off and you will see...
  6. MarcB

    New RS side skirts alternative

    Got this from the Facebook Post - ----------------------- GRP Clio 3 Aero Style side skirts. Our product is an improved design preventing the rear fin section from snapping over time. Our product will be ready as of the 22nd June These are to fit both clio and megane 2’s. For use on the...
  7. MarcB

    Spot of rust above rear wheel arch

    Bumper rubs on arch with grit and salt, Paint cracks , Water gets in, Dust gets it, Water sits and it eats away. Get bumper off and get it repaired ASAP, a smart repair guy should have that fixed easy and relatively cheaply.
  8. MarcB

    Any help on finding out the number of my sliverstone gp??

    Service details, warranty work & recalls won't be an issue for Renault UK but trying to get there correct numbered plaque will be a nightmare. I even have the OE Part number for the R27 plaque and renault will not supply or provide it and it is not matched to any chassis number or reg. 182...
  9. MarcB

    Any help on finding out the number of my sliverstone gp??

    So as I own a Limited Edition 1 of 500 R27's and 1 of 500 Clio Trophy's I have looked into the number plaques 100 times and spent countless hours on the phone and via e-mail to Renault UK with help from my dealership also. Renault UK have confirmed 100% that no limited edition cars where listed...
  10. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    Well within 20min both handles where stripped out, Rebuilt , cleaned, some grease and refitted. All done now
  11. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    So thought I would change the door handles over and what a nightmare that is. Popped the Gromit off to turn the T30 torx and it just kept spinning and spinning and nothing happened. Gave up on that so tried to get the main handle out. After messing about with this the large metal block that is...
  12. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    Handles all built and finished.
  13. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    Here is a picture taken almost 24h later with the polish from between the bumper and rear 1/4 removed.
  14. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    Next up as some people have seen on the forum I have been rebuilding the door handles and I have changed all the micro switches and I held out until I could get stuff painted a specific colour (Nissan K.A.D) so today while I had the chance I managed to get them all done. Now just to get into...
  15. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    So some more updates today and once again cosmetic. For the last two years a small bubble of rust has started where the bumper meets the rear 1/4 and the bubble came off. Spoke to my mate who has been doing smart repairs for the last 15 years and he was very reluctant to do it due to it being...
  16. MarcB

    LY Progress **Page 4 New Updates**

    Just another small cosmetic update. Genuine RS Splitter fitted. Looks 100% much better
  17. MarcB

    Mk3 197 / 200 PDFs (Workshop Manual)

    I have here the full genuine OE Renault workshop manual for the Mk3 197/200 It covers alot as there is 7,991 pages in the manual. I also have a pile load of 1*2 PDFs including workshop manuals. If anyone is looking for anything drop me a PM with your name and e-mail address, These are all...
  18. MarcB

    Seat belts - Yellow

    I would make sure you have a radio code and disconnect the battery for around 10mins before you work on any airbag. People so you dont have to and say its not needed but for me when I do alot of work on the car the battery is disconnected through good practice
  19. MarcB

    Help needed service light on dash.

    Have you made sure the Key Card is in the car and in teh slot as you need this in for it to reset.
  20. MarcB

    My Other Toy

    I have only ever been on a bike once and shit myself. It was around 2000/2001 and it was a Honda CBR Fireblade that was spanking new and its one of the fastest things I have ever been on. I recall it was white red and blue or purple and I must say before I could get the rider to stop it was...