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  1. Danjenks

    Project Silverstone GP (No.13)

    So, I've had the 200 for about a month now and thought it was about time I got a project thread up. I previously had a Titanium Silver 182 which I absolutely loved. I really didn't want to sell it but was too much of a nice example to use daily anymore and I don't have the room to keep it as a...
  2. Danjenks

    The old debate..

    I'm torn between the K-Tec Sprint Spoiler and the Cup Spoiler for my Silverstone Edition. This makes me want a sprint: But i've always liked the cup spoilers lol. I know there's loads of photos on google but everyone loves an excuse to post photo's right? ;) :P Dan :)
  3. Danjenks

    Silverstone GP Roof Colour

    Hello! Can anyone confirm the paint code on the roof of the Clio 2OO Silverstone GP edition's? From a quick google I think it's deep black which is paint code 'GNA' (i think), but I wondered if anyone knew for sure? Thanks in advance! :) Dan
  4. Danjenks

    New Owner of Silverstone GP No.13

    Thought I say a quick hello, I am the new owner of Number 13 :smile: I've had it just over a week and i'm enjoying it so far. I previously had a 182 which I absolutely adore so I am hoping I enjoy this one as much. I have a few plans for it.. in particular a spoiler! lol RS200-1 by...