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  1. Dmonk197

    Clio salvage buyer

    do you break for parts? could i give a list of parts im after?
  2. Dmonk197

    Aftermarket Exhaust - Scorpion

    you say you have a standard system- before changing anything why not remove your center silencer for £50 and see how you get along. i did this and its one of the best mods i have done, so in love with the sound i get now from my car.
  3. Dmonk197

    Gearbox help

    Beniesport has installed one to one of his cars for testing and will offer this if he is satisfied. supposedly a rally team in Russia use it so its promising.
  4. Dmonk197

    Gearbox help

    worth noting if you go to beaniesport he should soon be offering the Russian Diff he has been testing, which should be fitted while rebuilding your gearbox.
  5. Dmonk197

    Recaro Retrim ( possible )Offer

    Also was OEM @£225 per seat?
  6. Dmonk197

    Bumper Under-trey for 197?

    breakers- otherwise let me know what you find as im looking for the same tray.
  7. Dmonk197

    Quick help!

    there is an app that generates the code when you put the numbers on the sticker in it. sorry cant remember the name of the app.
  8. Dmonk197

    Old Member come back

    Welcome back- would love to hear you experience and what made you come back ( we all probably know the answer as its the best hatch but still nice to hear from someone who left and came back ;-))
  9. Dmonk197

    The infamous nearside knock?

    for anyone who has the front left knocking- i just had my top mounts and dampers replaced in the front. (dampers replaced to be on the safe side) the top mounts were completely perished . i did the work at Beaniesport who told me in the last few month he has done about 4 and it must be age...
  10. Dmonk197

    New R27 owner

    i also had that once or twice in my 4 year ownership and was a simple mis fire- but nothing needed changing or repairing just a misfire. only real way to know is to reset all your codes then wait for it to happen again.
  11. Dmonk197

    Anyone know a paint code for the dash trims?

    Amazing thank you- great to have the black code to as i was undecided if to change my gray to black.
  12. Dmonk197

    Interior trim colours - Pic requests

    Have you done this? i was thinking of going for some red, back and white camouflage vinyl
  13. Dmonk197

    Anyone know a paint code for the dash trims?

    did you ever find this? my next bet is to take the trim to a place so they can match it or at least get it close.
  14. Dmonk197

    Winter time

    That is lovely
  15. Dmonk197

    Solution for door handles in wrong position.

    Nice option, or you also had people who got interior handles from a Volvo S40 and added them to the same area you put your strap. all good ideas.
  16. Dmonk197

    Tyres and winter.

    very true indeed!!!! ps can you get parts stripped off these clios? i need a few bits please if you can sell? (Interior dash radio surround, boot seal rubber....
  17. Dmonk197

    Black Trim Restorer - WOW the best

    For anyone looking to restore their external black trim: Solution black trim restorer is amazing. Here is my before and after!
  18. Dmonk197

    Come at me with all you audio questions!

    after further research into more bass, the best and easiest way i think im going to go down is to get a flat under seat subwoofer. Boom!
  19. Dmonk197

    Big Bens Albi T

    seeing you do this proves how the list never ends!! your list of what has not been done is probably extremely short now lol
  20. Dmonk197

    Big Bens Albi T

    ps glad to read you keeping her, you put so much work into her. (saw at Beaniesport)