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  1. Johnny 99

    LT12 FEK, GW 200

  2. Johnny 99

    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Just had a wee catch up on your thread Chris. Car's looking good. Glad to see you're doing lots of track days still.
  3. Johnny 99

    LT12 FEK, GW 200

    Used to be mine. Wonder if the new owner is on here? Check the thread "John's GW 200" for some history & the mods on it.
  4. Johnny 99

    Big Bens Albi T

  5. Johnny 99

    Beanys RB 200 cup

    That's my boy! Do the same thing myself.
  6. Johnny 99

    New member

    Welcome along. We all like pictures here!
  7. Johnny 99

    Newbie Gordini

    Welcome along. Plenty of advice and banter here! We're also good at spending each others money:money:
  8. Johnny 99

    Nearly 3 Years Later...... Finally

    Stunningly beautiful, absolutely gorgeous as I knew it would be. Glad you're enjoying driving her Colin. It's hard to keep a car so well once you're driving it daily but I know you will look after it. Also it was made to be driven & enjoyed in that way too. Win win!
  9. Johnny 99

    Brembo HC discs

    Definitely worth getting & reasonably priced too.
  10. Johnny 99

    Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................

    A car that absolutely floats my boat! Everything I would be looking for in a weekend/holiday fun car. I'm not the same as you Shuv in that it's taken a while to get over the Clio, but I'm finally enjoying my S1. I am already thinking ahead though & asked Glenda if we REALLY need a 4 seater car...
  11. Johnny 99

    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Things are getting serious!:thumb:
  12. Johnny 99

    ***VOTE*** Mega POTM ***WORST***

    I'm unsure about this. Am I voting for the worst picture or the best of a bad bunch? For now I have done the latter.
  13. Johnny 99

    Alloy wheel help should help you. Standard wheels are as you said 7.5j et68. I ran 7.5j et50, but many run 7.5 et45.
  14. Johnny 99

    2013 MK3 RS?

    Yeah, as Chris said there is a few late registration ones about. There's a racing blue 13 plate one in Inverness. Maybe dealer stock that took a while to sell.
  15. Johnny 99

    Big Bens Albi T

    Yeah, I've always done sessions with MSVT & the number of cars didn't seem to be an issue. Did see a Lambo being refused on track as he couldn't pass the noise test. Pity as it would've been interesting to see it driven in anger.
  16. Johnny 99

    Big Bens Albi T

    Indy circuit is great fun. You are always "on it". Seems you're barely out of one bend when you're entering the next one. A circuit I don't mind travelling the length of UK to drive. Partly because I used to go as a spectator maybe 10 times a year when I lived down south. I'm considering doing...
  17. Johnny 99

    PS4 on track

    I used PS4 for 3-4 track days a year plus around 5000 miles. Lasted over a year easily. Much better than the AD08r guys on a wet forum trip to Spa, but slower in the dry. For what you're describing I'd say they'll be fine. Ultimately I got another set of wheels with semi slicks for dry days once...
  18. Johnny 99

    Courier service

    I sent wheels by Paisley Freight with tyres on I taped cardboard discs to the faces, bubble wrapped them & then used pallet wrap around the lot with duct tape holding it together. Without tyres they need to be bubble wrapped then boxed.
  19. Johnny 99

    Cheeky evening hoon.....

    :track:Gotta be done!
  20. Johnny 99

    Belated introduction

    Welcome :french: