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  1. parkincj

    Heel and toe

    In the Clio I used heel and toe pretty much everywhere! I used my toe on the brake and my heel on the accelerator though, not sure if this is the right method or what? I've now got a Westfield which I cannot do the same as the brake pedal sits a lot further up than the accelerator. If you want...
  2. parkincj

    Help asap

    There's either tight or F tight. Over tightening bolts can cause plastic deformation of the thread forms, but this is always a preferred option over the alternative! I think tightening torques are really important for rotating equipment like the bolt on the crank pulley.
  3. parkincj

    hub ball joint f**Ked!!

    Will give them a call, only need the part as I will fit myself. Thanks for the info.
  4. parkincj

    hub ball joint f**Ked!!

    Thanks dude.
  5. parkincj

    hub ball joint f**Ked!!

    So I'm guessing R Sport in Wimbledon is closed, any recommendations where to get this part from?
  6. parkincj

    3 pin tdc

    Sorry guys, you're right this is the cam sensor as I found out last night, so completely disregard the three pin comment. I've been into Renault today and their parts guy really didn't have a clue, although he did say their may have been an upgrade to the wiring loom for this part?? A new crank...
  7. parkincj

    Another 197 gearbox issue!

    Yeh gotta be linkage....
  8. parkincj

    3 pin tdc

    Can anyone offer some help? ANOTHER topic on the crank position sensor issue but I'm struggling with getting a replacement wiring plug (snapped the clip off so holding together unsuccessfully with a cable tie) as they all seem to be 2 pin connections. Mines a 58 cup with a 3 pin tdc sensor...
  9. parkincj

    Engine Noise

    Yeh thanks guys, this is why you should always check the easy stuff when problem solving!!
  10. parkincj

    Polishing the inlet internal but painting the outer?

    The finish on the inlet is a product of the manufacturing process (either sand casting or investment casting) which, as you've pointed out has a rough surface finish making a larger surface area for heat transfer to occur. Painting it black will change the emmisivity of the object and therefore...
  11. parkincj

    Engine Noise

    Just had a nosey and the dip stick wasn't fully inserted when I checked it this weekend. Oops! Thanks for your help anyway guys, unfortunately there's not much you can do for me having a blonde moment!
  12. parkincj

    Engine Noise

    great shout guys, I'll strip and grab some replacement o-rings tomorrow from work. I'm guessing that is just a recirc valve of some sort?
  13. parkincj

    Engine Noise

    Evening All, Can anyone help me identify this noise/the part in the video below.... I get this noise on start up and periodically during low engine RPM, no errors or problems with engine performance. I've stripped the throttle body and given it a clean as I thought...
  14. parkincj

    Whining sound when Turning off engine

    Might be, although I'd have thought it would change pitch as the engine speed increases? It's at the same pitch whatever the revs are.
  15. parkincj

    Whining sound when Turning off engine

    Sorry to re-open this, but mine is making this noise. Is there another thread that this relates to?
  16. parkincj

    White 197 Cup - Doncaster M18 Junction 2/3

    probably me bud! which way were you going??
  17. parkincj

    The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils

    Some great information, I always like to understand the reasons for using better consumable products. Thanks Tim.
  18. parkincj

    Brain Teaser

    I remember seeing this one of myth busters, I can't remember the outcome but it was a fair old effort they did for it. Something to chuck in there, the Bernoulli effect which is the theory behind why an airplane generates life isn't a law, it's just a theory that cannot be disproven yet. We...
  19. parkincj

    Post Office Alternatives

    Thanks for the advice, will get some quotes sorted. Cheers lads.