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  1. chappo

    my new toy,

    here is my new ZX6R weathers been good the last few days i cant keep of it, lol :thumbup: i just love the bug eye front end, and 1 of the 2 together my ER6F as well. thanks for looking guys, :)
  2. chappo

    passed my bike test today, hubba hubba

    sailed through my mod 2 this lunch time, been out on the 650 all day, well what can i say, :jase2: the instant power is insane and im only taking it easy as i have to bed the brakes and get the tyre,s scrubbed, :biggrin: love it, love it, love it, i hope its dry tomorrow lol, 8)
  3. chappo

    197: we buy any car valuation,

    yesterday i thought i would pump some details in just to see what they would offer for the 197, it came back at £7450 bit of a pi.5.5 take really, but it is hassle free selling to some people tho. :whatever: its an 08 plate with 20,000 miles in cracking condition as well. but by the time...
  4. chappo

    just brought myself a new toy

    took my DR125 in for a service today and ended up buying this little bad boy, lol brand spanking new ER6F Kawasaki as soon as i pass my D.A.S i can pick it up. :jase: cant wait to get my grips on it.
  5. chappo

    Happy birthday Eddie,

    have a good one matey, :) 24 those were the days, lol
  6. chappo

    Albi blue Asda Leicester (carded you)

    Thurmaston Leicester, good to talk to you mate, hope the new gear box holds out, Craig,
  7. chappo

    removing door handles (both parts)

    as title, looking at removing these and getting them re-sprayed in Racing Blue to colour match the body, how easy/hard are they to do, and whats involved, thanks guys.
  8. chappo

    2 Albi 197,s Leicester 22/03/2011

    first one on abbey lane / woodgate at around 5.15 pm think it was a 56 plate, second one 10 mins later going down shachevrall way in Groby, personal plate think it was K30- ***, both cars were discustingly DIRTY be ashamed you 2, :chair::chair: come on own up, :-p
  9. chappo

    L/Y 197 near Belper fire station,

    as title, saw it parked up round the back. around 10.00 am this morning 04/03/2011,
  10. chappo

    happy birthday Richandgem,

    have a good day mate, :thumbup1:
  11. chappo

    happy birthday Jonesy,

    hope you had a good n mate, :chair:
  12. chappo

    Nitro cars/trucks who has them.

    i had one a few years back but got fed up with it so i gave it my Nephew lol, he,s been on at me for a while to buy another one so got bored again today so went out and got another one, :thumbup1: its a Nitro monster truck with 4wd and reverse jobby, heres to spanking my litle Nephew ( sorry...
  13. chappo

    L/Y 182 Groby Leicester.

    not to sure if was you Rich, we gave each other a wave anyway, lol going up sacheveral way in Groby around midday. :thumbup1: sunday 1/8/2010
  14. chappo

    happy birthday mradam87,

    hope you had a good one Adam, ;) 23 that seems so long ago, ;/
  15. chappo

    richandgem in your 182

    saw you rich just pulling into Halfauds, i must admit the 182 sounds so good mate, i was with my nephew and he said wow did you hear that uncle Craig, lol ;)
  16. chappo

    Something different,

    Well as i was getting ready for the RS nationals day i decided to give the wifes car a quick going over, it is the Golf GT TDI 140 which is a great car to drive, but not a patch on the clio, :biggrin: and while i was still at it i gave my daily commute a blast as i only work...
  17. chappo

    200 rear difuser ordered,

    not, :thumbdown: just rang renault to order my 200 diffuser how much have these bad boys gone up in price. £820 inc V.A.T, they do not come painted, do not come with nuts and bolts, and they dont even come with the exhaust chrome surrounds, wtf, ? you would be looking at £1,000 +...
  18. chappo

    spotted 4 in Leicester,

    spotted between 12,00 & 3,30. saturday 13/3/10 white 197 fosse park, red 197 Asda thurmaston, white 200 coming onto the A50, L/Y R27 coming out of the shires car park, these cars are getting abit to common now lol, :-p i could have carded all 4 of them if i had some, :@!
  19. chappo

    changed colour ?

    just noticed that the paid members have gone all green, lol :biggrin: it does stand out more tbh.
  20. chappo

    happy birthday richandgem,

    all the best mate, hope you have a good one. your getting nearer the big 30, lol :p