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    New car

    Not picking it up till mid September as away on Holiday John
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    New car

    After having 2 197's I now bought an F1 Team R26 in Liquid yellow .
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    World series

    As many as possible 5 of us would like to go plus any of our students if we get more ,thanks john
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    World series

    Hi anyone got any spare tickets ,would like to take the family in the new Scenic. Saturday ,cheers John
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    197 wallet and manuals

    The 197 bit is a very thin book. I've got about 5 spare walets,you can buy the posh(Laguna) leather style ones on ebay.
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    Petrol consumption - Motorway use?

    Never seen over 32mpg from mine.
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    Leave well alone....

    Some people just like moding ,nothing wrong with that ,each to his own I say.
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    Wheel is refurbed in Anthracite

    Wheel is refurbed in Anthracite
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    Nice to meat you Jonesey

    Nice to meet you today
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    Help me decide on the 197?

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    No. 091/500

    The white stripes need extending ,love the car.
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    Motorbike Just Crashed Into Us - Its Back!!!!! :)

    BTW guys ,the guy who hit you was not a biker,he was a Harley rider. (from John A biker and 197 owner.) Glad you are getting it back soon .
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    Clio RS with Megane rs engine

    What do you think the total cost is less the engine box price .?
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    Used F1 prices

    Maybe ,but I still think a Liquid yellow R27 built in Dieppe with all the options will become the one to have . Will the vat rise push up private prices in January.?
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    Remap today

    They are quite easy to move around (but very heavy) and for all but very short runs have to be water cooled ,and fans for the cars .But overall as quick if not quicker to set up than a roller type. We hve made lifting bars for them .They come on there own wheels for moving in the workshop...
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    Next 2 weeks off of work...

    1 week gone ,hope your having a great time wherever you went.
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    Remap today

    This is one of the most accurate ways of testing,it helps that we also have a ex Ford Motor Compay test and development Dyno guy on the staff. The first and most obvious difference is the elimination of the tire to roller interface on a conventional roller dyno. The Dynapack eliminates this...
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    Remap today

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    Remap today

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    Remap today