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  1. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    Trip to BeanieSport today and my car was the last one on the ramp at his current workshop as he’s moving right now, history is made! Got a job done off my wish list, cup suspension has been fitted by Chris and he gave it the once over for a clean bill of health. Fantastic start to the year. I...
  2. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    Mines got a slight droop, probably a few MM it’s just enough to not look right.
  3. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    Problem is my three are 7.5j and I don’t know if this eBay one is 8j, and the guys won’t answer my message.
  4. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    Washing is going well the paint Is definitely improving. I’ve got a set of three cup speedlines so just need a final wheel now - I think I’m going to get them done in the standard silver as nobody seems to run silver these days, nice to be different. Beanie is going to fit cup suspension for...
  5. jasonlovesfrench

    Stock wheel paint codes?

    Nice one thank you
  6. jasonlovesfrench

    Stock wheel paint codes?

    Anyone know the stock wheel paint codes?? I've done a search but can't find the codes for - Standard silver alloys (I'm guessing the same colour is used on the door handles?) Anthracite alloys Many thanks id like to get identical colour match for refurbishment.
  7. jasonlovesfrench

    New 200 Cup Owner

    @dazzab Its a good one from what I’ve seen, I went to view it and nearly purchased it but found one that was completely standard and low miles so went with that instead so I could make my mark on it. Christopher Noah from Beanie Sport did a lot of work on this car so might be worth dropping...
  8. jasonlovesfrench

    New 200 Cup Owner

    Welcome, I think I know this car did you buy it in Hitchin?
  9. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    Is it for a 200 Nick? How old we talking in mileage roughly?
  10. jasonlovesfrench

    Black RS200

    Snow foam kit for Christmas, testing tomorrow! IK9 Foamer and Griots wash.
  11. jasonlovesfrench

    Happy Christmas 2021

    Merry Renault Christmas folks, remember don’t drink and drive!
  12. jasonlovesfrench

    Liquid Yellow 200 Northampton Mereway Tesco

    We waved at each other :french:
  13. jasonlovesfrench

    100k refresh

    I can’t help with all the bushings but I do know the steering shouldn’t be clunking, this could be the nut loose? Worth checking as steering racks are about a grand I think.
  14. jasonlovesfrench

    Trial Fitted - Thoughts

    I like it! What do you mean by clamps?
  15. jasonlovesfrench

    Audi TT recaros

    Hey dudes! Do you know how much work is involved in getting some Audi TT Recaros with OMP bases to fit my 200?? Is it simply a case of getting the seats attached to my Renault bases? what about airbag? would I need to get this programmed out? or am I stuck with a warning light forever? and...
  16. jasonlovesfrench

    Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................

    Yay he’s back! Let’s get Christmas drinks arranged! Car looks lovely bud! I’m well jel!
  17. jasonlovesfrench

    Car holding back at 2k revs but sounds really boomy

    You using Super Unleaded?
  18. jasonlovesfrench

    Seat options

    Just standard 200 seats buddy.
  19. jasonlovesfrench

    Seat options

    Looking for good but not super expensive seat options for my 200. I find the seating position of the standard 200 seats really weird, I can't get comfortable and I don't recall this being a problem with the Recaro's in my F1. Is it feasible to look at used Audi seats and other stock car brands...