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    Arctic 182 progress...

    Mega car mate, think it needs a clean though ha. im a painter by trade and always find a that a flat and polish always brings up a tired car. If then it still needs painting then the place doing the detail/flat and polish will then repair it. Shoukd be be nice once sorted. Must cost a...
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    Newbie from essex

    My clio 200 cup full spec, has everything plus the best mods you can get. Selling to be even more sensible..... Message me if you like, in Essex aswell.
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    New member - in process of buying a Clio 200!

    If yours falls through like so many of mine did when buying. Mines for sale bud. Welcome.
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    Some New Toys :)

    Mine would have been better . didn't get a notification via email about you wanting a look. Forum may have cost me a sale .
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    Dan's RS 200

    How do you find the spacers mate regards handling now? People say it makes it worse but I can't see that being the case, alloys suit the car nicely now, perhaps a slight pull on the rear to make it stick out nicely.
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    Essex based remappers, who's the best?

    Iv dealt with amd and they caused damage to my brake lines and didn't own up, healthy figures aswell. Too many horror story's. Il look up there mate and see what's what.
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    Essex based remappers, who's the best?

    I'm in Essex/Chelmsford and require a remap, iv got all the correct mods just need the map now. Don't want amd or Ktec as iv heard too many horror story's. Who can I go to? Where have you been?
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    Luke_197 Progress thread

    You'll need to cut the carpet mate, you'd want it fully on the metal so it don't move under load. Perfect time to strip out the rear like mine ha. Good thread fella.
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    Clio 200 Cup pack rear brack bearing size/rear brakes?

    Been told its either 25mm or 30mm. On a 2010 car like my 200 what size would I need guys? Rear brake discs. Thanks.
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Now for sale guys, check the for sale section.
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    Fitting 6.5" Speakers

    Put mdf ring in on eBay mate. Loads of sizes available and il be doing this cinemas time. Be cool to see your speakers in though mate. You know what's + - colour wise left and right?
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    Supercharging Route?

    I find my stripped out toyed up 200 amazing, no need for superchargers or turbos. Mines got an itg maxogen, matched inlets and an akrapovic exhaust full evo system version that's decated. This is more than enough, easy spins in 2nd when changing and gets to 100mph in no time..... Plus mines not...
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Matched inlets fitted. Fitted my inlet manifolds today and I love them, instantly feels better and the pick up now is immediate. The old inlet matching is horrendous. Il be porting the other set at work in the race shop so once there done il sell them on here. Wasnt not to hard to fit at all...
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    Matt's GW 200

    Looking good mate, interested in your audio instal. Would love to know the wires I need to amp to run through the doors and all that. I love my tunes and the standard system is painful lol. Drop me a pm when you have time mate. Want 6.5" upfront really.
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Won them on eBay, they were destined for a race spec 200 but the car isn't competing anymore so they had to sell them on and I put a best offer in and won them, over 70 hours gone into them apparently. Upper and lower are matched and the throttle body opened up so should be fun. Yeah Steve and...
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Yeah it's a tad pricey but I don't fancy cutting and trimming one myself I know it won't be as good as these matts lol.
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Well i have had a busy time lately buying some more top quality bits, I have just purchased. Streamline carbon badges front and rear. Carbon fibre mirror covers. Ktec rear bootmatt, yellow stitch. Also picked up a set if matched inlets all gas flowed and ported, white powder coated aswell with...
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Yeah the manifolds are on they are around £250-£300 depending on how much work is being done and time taken I believe. Springs are very good, I do a good 40 miles a day driving on all sorts of roads, B roads and A roads and yeah very good for the money. I want it lower...
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    Trottas 200 RS build thread.

    Been busy over the weekend and fitted my Cup rear spoiler and my Cup side skirt skirts. Hada freind help and hold it whilst I drill and that. Was pretty strait forward even with the instructions they give you being mind blowingly confusing ha. Pics. Totaly transforms the look of the car...
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    Broken spring, what to do next ?

    I replaced my already cup packed clio with eibachs and there fine mate, nice subtle drop and the rude is the same but less roll in the corners. Perfect.