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  1. Ianboom

    Lower swivel joints, best place to buy them

    The wife's car had an MOT advisory for a worn bottom swivel joint. At the weekend it started making a sqeaking sound (so much for fixing it in the warmer weather!), so needs replacing. I checked the other side of the car and this seems worse than the worn one mentioned in the MOT. Where's the...
  2. Ianboom

    Could a mod mark my for sale thread as sold please?

    As above, my car is sold and I can't change the title. Could a mod please change it? Thanks
  3. Ianboom

    What size is this bolt?

    Long story, but changed my cambelt and reckon the bolt for the engine mount I have for it is too long! Can anybody tell me the size so I can compare please? Thanks.
  4. Ianboom

    197/200 water pump

    Changing the cam belt on my 197. Taken the water pump off and it looks like there was a little silicon on the threads of 2 bolts. Is this a precautionary measure? Any idea what the torque figure is? Main online manual covers sod all on the 2.0 engine. Thanks
  5. Ianboom

    Tailgate diamond locking button rubber melted

    I'm sure I've read about this somewhere! Has anybody replaced the rubber in the Diamond on the tailgate? Ours looks like it has melted! This is the button that locks the car. Ian.
  6. Ianboom

    RS200 Cambelt change, dephaser replacement yes or no?

    I have my wife's RS200 booked in at Diamond for a cambelt change. Mick mentioned changing the dephaser, Fred at BTM who did my 197 and old 200 said they rarely fail. Who on here has had the dephaser changed? Thanks Ian
  7. Ianboom

    Steering wheel

    Hi, am looking at a Gordini grey steering wheel to replace the sun? damaged cup one on my nimbus 200. So anybody know if the cruise switches are removeable the same as the 182? Think the bigger air bag on the cup covers the gap where the cc switch goes?? Cheers, Ian.
  8. Ianboom

    A/C and rad fan fault?

    Charged the a/c gas in my wife's 197 and thought i'd top mine up as it's not the best! Wife's went ok, my 200 read 100 psi on the air con top up gauge and came out the vent hot-looked up at the dash and it came up engine overheating-the rad fan isn't cutting in. Any ideas?
  9. Ianboom

    Paintless dent repair Shirley, Solihull.

    Hi, can anyone recommend a PDR company near me in Solihull? The guys at the Cliosport day did a good job last year, not sure if they're there this yeat, butwe're gloing in my wife's 197! Cheers, Ian.
  10. Ianboom

    200 gearbox

    Just bought a 60 plate RS200 cup with 69k miles on the clock. Guess what, it had a new gearbox a few weeks ago! Obviously my car has mostly done motorway miles, but that's still a cxxp quality box. The car was out of warranty as the mileage was over 60k but Renault still contributed, the...
  11. Ianboom

    Not a newbie, but got a new sport

    Hi, sold the wife's 182 I'd been using (she traded up to an albi blue 197). Also sold the types S civic I owned for 7 weeks (great car but handle like a jelly and was boring to drive). So, after 4 weeks without a car and looking at 350Z's and impreza's, i finally bought an RS200 cup-it's high...
  12. Ianboom

    197 centre exhaust help

    Read through a load of threads and I'm still confused. My wife's 197 sounds as if it's blowing around the joint from the manifold to the centre section, but it seems better when it's warm. I'm new to the 197, is this normal? Also, the section near the rear joint to the silencers/tailpipes...
  13. Ianboom

    Samsun Galaxy Young keyboard

    Just been given a samsung galaxy young as my work phone. Anyone know if you can buy an adaptor for a standard qwerty computer keyboard to plug in to the phone so I can type emails and texts??? I keep pressing 3 keys at the same time. :'(
  14. Ianboom

    Torque settings

    Hi, I'm after some torque settings if anybody can help?? Removed my stub axles today, ordered replacements from renault, one will be here friday, the other up to 15 working days!! Anyway, I need the settings for; 4 star head scres that hold the wheel bearing to the stub axle 3 hex head...
  15. Ianboom

    Anybody changed a 197 stub axle assy?

    The bottom swivel on what I know know Renault call a stub axle assy on my wife's car is knackered. These are £200 from Renault. Apparently they're a bit of a bugger to fit, I've been advised to use a ramp. Any body here swapped them?? Cheers, Ianboom.
  16. Ianboom

    Hub swivel assy

    Anyone know how much a 197 hub/swivel assy is? Mine's failed the mot on the bottom swivel being worn. Ta, Ianboom.
  17. Ianboom

    Original paint quality

    What's the quality of the paint like on your Clio?? Just bought the wife a 197, I know the front bumper has been sprayed (albi blue) but looked over the rest of the car and the paint quality is c**p and there's no way the whole car has been sprayed. Our 182 is a little better, but my TT...
  18. Ianboom


    Hi! Another newbie, didn't realise this forum existed so generally lurk in the back ground of the 'other' Clio sport site! Owned an RS200 (to be fair, it's the wife's car) which some total herbert nicked £500 quids worth of trim off one night. Sold that back to Renault and bought the wife...