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  1. Deaks

    Headlight adjuster problem

    Hey guys, I've just been fighting with the clio after I needed to change headlight bulbs.. I managed it with the bumper on until one of the clips popped off.. then I dropped it in the engine bay.. long story short the bumper came off until everything was retrieved. My problem: when testing the...
  2. Deaks

    Abarth 500 exhausts - epic sounds

    What is the exhaust on those little things? They sounds so deep and throaty with a nice gurgle. It's the exact sound I want rather than the raspy aftermarket that miltek etc seem to provide..
  3. Deaks

    Long time member, had a 197, now in a 182.

    Nice purchase Arran, the 182 as a weekend car and track toy? What is the spec on the little clio? :)
  4. Deaks

    197 Exhaust Ktech

    If you're looking for a swap with someone local. I live in Reading and work daily in Wallingford mate. :thumbsup:
  5. Deaks

    Check esp light

    My response will be of no use, but - my check esp/ignition light comes on occasionally, I think the clio can be temperamental like that sometimes. It's never recurring for me though thankfully.. You could also try the zip tie on the MAF sensor trick..
  6. Deaks

    197 or 200 projectors?

    200 mate
  7. Deaks

    Intermittent signal

    I have HIDs in my projectors and when I turn my lights on. The voltage from the ballast definitely plays with my radio signal.. Might be similar?
  8. Deaks

    Rs200 at Bedford 27th feb

    Top pictures and love the sprint spoiler and wheel combo! Looking forward to getting on track on Friday.
  9. Deaks

    Deaks Nimbus 197

    I haven't done an update in a long time, although probably much hasn't changed. This weekend was a case of using a das pro 6+ for the first time, changing back from my winter setup to summer ready for my trackday on Friday. Also, sprint spoiler time! Looks as good as I imagined. It's...
  10. Deaks

    New, Potential Storm Grey Owner

    Renaults and carbon fibre? :) They're either hydro dipped or just wrapped with vinyl bud.
  11. Deaks

    Hi from Oz

    Looks cracking bud, where is that lip spoiler from and what car is it originally for?
  12. Deaks

    Alien Green 200 Cup *** New AG 200 (number 3) from page 85***

    Right back in with the epic mods mate, be interesting to hear your view on the differences this time to. Full against evolution akra and v3s vs B14s?
  13. Deaks

    Abarth 595 Turismo

    Looks real nice buddy! Tell me this PCH deal. 100 quid initial and then 12 x 199 pounds is all you pay for a year of 500 motoring and then you can walk away? I only ask as my other half is looking to get rid of her Golf Plus currently. Cheers.
  14. Deaks

    New, Potential Storm Grey Owner

    Car looks nice, would definitely be a clio I would look it buy if I was to do it all again. Storm grey FTW. Not got much time for the way the post is written though haha, whatever.
  15. Deaks

    Clio 197 steady progress

    Yep! Cracking photo. POTM worthy!
  16. Deaks

    meg conversion

    Jumped straight in with buying a Meg engine. Good luck, I think you're going to need to from what it sounds haha :D
  17. Deaks

    Hello, sold my A45 AMG for a Clio 200t EDC LUX

    I'm just hear for the AMG - noice! Good luck with the clio, we'll see how long that lasts ;)
  18. Deaks

    Alien Green 200 Cup *** New AG 200 (number 3) from page 85***

    I can't believe you got another AG, the neighbours must be so confused :D Planning for the same route as the last with coils and akra?
  19. Deaks

    LY200 - too loud or blow up again, taking bets!

    My other half lives in Bracknell, which means I'm obviously there a lot. 77 quid? What's this fella called?!
  20. Deaks

    Girlfriend hits pot hole..

    Just for completeness and if anyone searches the archives. It turned out to be a stone caught in the caliper, this did spur me on to service the brakes though..