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    Lower ball joint how to?

    Anyone got a how to on changing the lower ball joint?
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    Exhaust manifold removal?????

    The emissions light is off, just the esp, airbag and service light on now! Not happy.
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    'Check' Steering + 'Check ESP'

    Did you fix this jam1991
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    Exhaust manifold removal?????

    So I've also learnt the hard way- DO NOT disconnect the steering under the pedals. Turns out my SQUIB spring is snapped due to the steering column being turned whilst disconnected. £150 replacement part + fitting!! Fuming.
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    Exhaust manifold removal?????

    After 3 days with the 200 on axle stands, the manifold and new engine mount inserts was finally completed! Took me so long due to also having to work night shifts! Anyway!-what a ball ache. Tough job, but pleased I done it myself on my driveway. Managed to get a second hand manifold that was...
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    197 engine mounts! Help please!

    do you need two of the lower engine mounts? CallorFold
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    Exhaust manifold removal?????

    antnee did you replace yours on your driveway? (Is it possible)
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    197: Nimbus Richborough Power Station 8:30am Wednesday

    Overtaken by a nimbus on the dual carriageway approaching Sandwich power station this morning whilst in the work van! Had a nurburg sticker on the back too
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    200: RB 200 Westwood Cross Broadstairs

    Spotted you today at about 2ish. Nice and clean, lovely colour!
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    New HU and exisiting bluetooth

    Surely if i already have a parrot system included, it should work. I'm sure the standard HU wouldnt have that feature built in?
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    200 HU sub?

    I done this with my 197, and soon to do it again with my 200. I thought it sounded preety good. turn the bass right down on the HU, so that the speakers dont distort and let the bass do its thing. RyanStevo you need to find a remote 12v to turn the amp on (normally comes from the ignition, but...
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    197: RED 197 Ashford Outlet Roundabout

    Havn't see you around Luke-200silvergp i only live in hawkinge
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    197: GW 197 CUP Ashford International 12:30pm Wednesday.

    Female driver in a nice clean GW 197 CUP going past Ashford International Station today at around 12:30. Looked nice and clean, brought back good times of my GW Cup and also made me feel guilty of the dirt levels on mine!!!
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    Rear Brake Piston Seal

    thats a good shout Edster , thanks. Do you think the seal in the bottom left of the picture is for the piston? Could do with a better picture rather than a 2d one!
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    Rear Brake Piston Seal

    Whilst changing my rear pads i noticed that the seal on the RHS caliper had split. Does anyone know if these are available to buy? thanks dave
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    New HU and exisiting bluetooth

    I am contemplating putting my old HU in my SG 200 after getting fed-up with it being too quiet. I have a bluetooth system installed already (factory fitted) where my phone will automatically play music through the standard HU, so, will this continue to work if i put an aftermarket HU in...
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    197: RED 197 Ashford Outlet Roundabout

    Today, (Friday) at about 3ish. Was in the work van unfortunately..... Looked Clean.
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    197: 08 GW Folkestone West Monday 11ish

    Saw you next to Folkestone West whilst i was out on my bike. Had anthracite wheels i think. Looked good.
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    My Storm Grey 200

    Car is looking sweet. Definitely getting my SG dropped on some H&R's too! :-)