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  1. Craig211

    Returning member (kind of)

    So not new been around about 3 years now but in a stupid move I sold my beloved Clio 200 :( and bought a diesel a3 thinking I could save some money buy a house and do all the other grown up stuff, grown ups do. But after 4 months of driving that bucket of lard I've got rid of it and moved back...
  2. Craig211

    Someone remind what month it is....

    So this is what the North East of Scotland looks like currently
  3. Craig211

    2015: Car Insurance

    Heya Guys Just checking insurance prices for the next year of Clio ownership to find a nasty surprise [emoji15] all quotes appear to be around £140 Higher than my current insurance and my renewal was also almost £200 more! What the hell is happening! I now have 7 years no claims with no...
  4. Craig211

    Gopro battery life (hero3+black)

    Not sure if this is normal or not but: Charged the gopro on Thursday night and unplugged in the morning before heading to work, and on picking it up this morning the thing is dead? I know it was completely off and not in any sort of standby mode was on, I don't use wifi either, Is this...
  5. Craig211

    3M vinyl wrap (red)

    Hey Does anyone know where I can get 3M (branded) red vinyl wrap only need about 500mm x 1500 and ebay does have but with postage of £100 from the U.S., ive had a look at UK websites but most require me to but 5m rolls and ive no need for the extra 4.5m tbh so don't want to waste money This...
  6. Craig211

    Multicar insurance policies

    So gonna be buying a second car shortly (Golf GT TDI PD150) and was wondering if having two cars with one driver on a single policy was possible? Had a look and struggling to find a definative answer. Anyone on here have a similar policy? Ive checked prices for both the Clio and Golf separately...
  7. Craig211

    Interior door handle

    Hey guys and girls, getting fed up with closing the door with the handle that is installed, I've already pulled it off twice and now it seems a tad loose everytime I use it, so looking around I've noticed a few people have added an extra grab handle further back on the armrest bitty but I'm...
  8. Craig211

    LY R27 New Deer

    LY R27 spotted this morning around 7 about 3 miles from New Deer
  9. Craig211

    How hard is Clio 200 paint

    So how hard is clio paint? I've just bought a das6 polisher along with menzerna pf2200 and sf4000 on recommendation from a local detailing company (polishedbliss) also using lake county foam pads (cyan and magenta) They described the paint as intermediate and recommended these products (which...
  10. Craig211

    Audi S3 8L questions

    So it's that time of year that my employer decided to give me a bonus and payrise, and forever I've wanted to buy an Audi S3 but never had the cash or desire to buy an oldish car. But now I have the diposable income I've so sorely wanted I want to spend it :) Just wanted to know if anyone here...
  11. Craig211

    Stripping rear caliper

    Hi all, I have a sticky rear caliper so was gonna dismantle and give her a clean, just wondered if I had to worry about anything inside the caliper ie handbrake mechanism and springs or whatever, are these calipers self adjusting, I know Stephenvenning does these but I can't afford to get...
  12. Craig211

    Wee bit of wrapping (colour change)

    So decided to brighten up the clio slightly and ended up with this I'm really pleased with my efforts although I'm not entirely happy with the finish on the mirrors too many sharp curves :( Comments welcome and I know it won't be to everyone's taste :P So colour change!! :) Think I may...
  13. Craig211

    Strange paint surface feel

    So been out polishing the car this evening and noticed that on the top of both front wings it feels rough on the back of the hand. It carries on back onto the door about 8" and in a teardrop shape. I've tried claying it but made no difference so can't be contaminants. The rough patch is on...
  14. Craig211

    Updated dash :) White Dials

    So after having a clio for almost a year I felt quite disappointed with the tired old dated dials on the 200. So after a bit of research I decided to have a crack at changing out the LEDs in the rear of the speedo/rev counter. I will write a how to in due time but just now just thought I'd...
  15. Craig211

    Renault courtesy car :p

    Hey guys, my clio is in for a new nearside hub so just Thot I'd share my new motor for the day :) Here she is, and I'll tell you she's an animal. Dacia Sandero Stepway 898cc turbo charged petrol with 90ps all mod cons like manual mirrors and windows no adjustment on the steering wheel (slight...
  16. Craig211

    Quick Question?

    Are my window switches supposed to light up? Seen a 197 last night an those were lot up both drivers and passenger but mine ain't, is this right or are mine broken?? I have a 2011 200ff
  17. Craig211

    Instrument cluster modification

    Hey looking to change the LEDs in my instrument cluster to white, I feel I have the skills to carry out the task but just to be sure I would like to try it out on an other dash. I plan on buying some dials for a 1.2 or 1.4 clio mk3 for around £30 so if I stuff it up it's no big deal (if it works...
  18. Craig211

    Side skirts/sills

    So just washed the car for the first time in 3 weeks and on removing the mud and crud I've unveiled a mahoosive scratch ie it's about 400mm long and quite deep :( the scratch is just on the underside of the sill/side skirt My question is, is it possible to remove the sill to get...
  19. Craig211

    Cup Spoiler end plates

    Hi wondering if someone would be kind enough to measure the screw hole centres on a genuine cup spoiler end plates, I've bought the Italian one but would prefer the renaultsport end plates. Thanks
  20. Craig211

    200: Red 200 cuminestown

    Seen tonight just up from garage. First red 200 I've ever seen :)