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  1. chowiekid

    little help

    long time since my last post. But been busy developing my company, in the last couple of weeks i have been setting up our ecommerce page at long last. i know some people on here have great eyes for web issues so could you maybe take a look at my site and let me know what you think, i know...
  2. chowiekid

    Panic attack

    Right a very strange thing happened to me yesterday. (still have some of the odd feeling) I had to go to bham city centre test and on my way home the oddest thing happened to me. Whilst driving I came over all dazed. I have been very stressed for the past few months and think this is a build...
  3. chowiekid

    company lease of 123d

    right im looking into this in a serious way. i always thought it wouldnt work out cheaper for me to go and lease a car. (123d is the car in question) due to my MPA which is around 20,000. i have just found that most leasing companies don't mind this sort of milage. it just costs a tiny...
  4. chowiekid

    just a thought!

    right as some of you know i run an online market shop selling pretty much whatever i can make money off. my main supplier have offered me today an idea i thought id market online. they pretty much have just bought up one of the uks largest printed card manufactures. along with that buy...
  5. chowiekid

    Guess what!

    im putting my car up for sale today. its getting uncomfortable as a daily with its kws and noise and as i keep saying cant justify the monthly costs on a clio. im going to plow money into a diesel and hopefully save alot of money on the running of the car. BMW offered me a fair price for the car...
  6. chowiekid

    kw v1 black wheels ultra red What more can you ask for!

    went out today to finally get some pics of my car before it goes :-) which will hopefully be soon :-) i have loads but i thought id upload some of these quick :) hope you like dont take many pics of my car so this is a lil treat for it tbh :)
  7. chowiekid

    Lil bye bye

    Right so as alot of you saw from my not very well taken post about the clio and how i no longer want it. Although i still love the lil *******, i had some emails requesting pictures of it, so i thought id create a lil time line of how its ages whilst its been with me. im going to add to the...
  8. chowiekid

    bmw 123D coupe

    im not really clued up on leasing a car. So thought id ask here. im doing well over 25k miles a year. would it be worth getting one of these on lease or to buy it out right? is it even possible how much do people recon it would be? :S just asking here as i dont want to waste my...
  9. chowiekid

    i want rid now!!!!

    right i recently put a thread up in the motors section about a new car, i have re invested alot of money if other things so that idea has kinda gone out of the window. i now just want rid of the 197. i drove it to work today down the motorway for once. hate it :-( so loud over rev...
  10. chowiekid


    saw that some people on cs really love these so thought id show of mine :) makes the office such a better place, looks really dull in the pic and boring but o well just a quick one to sway you mac haters aka MIKE!
  11. chowiekid

    wat car next?

    ok im in a lil dialema... i have reached 50k on the 197 and it has not been a cheap ride. i fill up 2-3 times a week. due to commuting 80 miles a day... on backroads :-) now my budget has some what changed recently due to christmas online sales being amazing, i feel i may treat myself...
  12. chowiekid

    westfield RB!!!!

    new years day at westfield londons middle floor car park. no recaros :-( but seriously niice!!!! bout 11am! ps i did not go shopping early new years day just dropped in to get a sec tag taken off my gfs clothes :)
  13. chowiekid

    i want i want i WANTED!!!! **** SAKE! lovely!
  14. chowiekid

    kw v1s on my ultra 197 finally!!!

    right finally got round to updating you about my clio its now sitting on kw v1s. just had 4 new mich pilots put on and its basically turned into my chavtastic toy lol. its now running 45.000 miles and i plan on keeping it for a while to run product testing on for some up an coming...
  15. chowiekid

    Wat do you think con?

    What do you think con or not?!?!?!
  16. chowiekid

    Nimbus 197 in thame!?!?

    Saw a nimbus 197 today with clio197 stickers on in thame oxfordshire. outside the random shop? Lol really looked good tho. You may have even heard me drive past with my **** exaust
  17. chowiekid


    hello people iv not really been able to post much recently due to work but here i am again :) i come needing a lil bit of help. iv recently bought some kws/got an account with them to distribute aswell :) :) :) now the kws iv got are only the variant 1s as i dont plan on keeping the...
  18. chowiekid

    Miltek are shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt

    havent posted for a lil while as iv been megga busy and havent driven the clio in about a month. as some of you may know from my last thread my miltek zaust pretty much cracked in half after only about 20k miles on it :( now i didnt fit it, but every1 i have spoken to thinks miltek will...
  19. chowiekid

    need some advice

    right well my clio which i have owned since nov last year has now reached 43k miles it was on 26k when i bought it. i have recently found a racing blue full fat cup for sale and im lucky as the guy whos selling it is driving past my front door almost on sat. he gave me a part x deal of...
  20. chowiekid

    why is this car advertised in two colours? i dont get it its racing blue but one pic is strom grey looks sweet however :) would buy right away and get it wrapped in that colour