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  1. rg197r27

    RIP r27 281/500

    I thought I would send you a quick message to let you know that we are both in one piece. I'm still not quite sure how we made it out but we did and we are now staying in a hotel in the hills above Nice about an hour away from the campsite we were staying at. It was the scariest thing i've...
  2. rg197r27


    I had a punture on friday night caused by a screw, i called out my local recovery agents and they managed to do a tech repair at the side of the road, I popped down to the tyre place yesturday morning and they tested the tyre to see if all is good and result it is other wise i would of had to...
  3. rg197r27


    i am thinking of putting a rear spoiler on my r27 just wondering which type your help is much appriecated
  4. rg197r27

    How to connect a ipod

    Hi guys i have got a dension icelink in the r27 at the moment which looks like it has packed up and i was wondering if it wurth getting a tunepoint or something else. Please let me know your suggestions. thanks in advance rich
  5. rg197r27

    My new matched inlet manifolds

    I have recently fitted my matched inlet manifolds the work was carried out by craig at and he has done a fantastic job. He has matched the lower inlet manifold to the head and also the upper to the lower, when the car was in bits i also fitted my silcone hose kit and...
  6. rg197r27

    A guide is needed help

    Has anyone done a guide for swapping inlet manifolds rich
  7. rg197r27

    Users logged in

    I have just seen that tonight we had 26 users logged in, not bad for a forum which is a little over a week old rich
  8. rg197r27

    Paid members

    Hi jase Are the paid members going to be identified differently to the remainder of the members rich
  9. rg197r27

    Renaultsport Clio 2011

    Just seen this on the renaultsport forum so i thought i will post it hear rich
  10. rg197r27

    Profile pictures

    Are we allowed to add a profile picture yet as i have tried and it say's file upload failed, please advise rich
  11. rg197r27

    hi again

    hello to new and old users on this site rich
  12. rg197r27

    Which glass cleaner

    which glass cleaner do you guys use rich
  13. rg197r27

    No. 281/500

    No 281/500 Deep black Xenons & Cornering Lights, Black surrounds Climate Control, Auto Lights and Wipers Electric folding mirriors Debadged Clio badge full decals (Roof, sides and bumpers) Bluetooth hands free Renault sport front splitter and side skirts Megane r26 18" rims and michelin pilot...
  14. rg197r27

    What do you use

    As the topic say's which products do you use to wash your cars as the last of my AG shampoo has run out, thanks for your input Rich