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  1. J90RDN


    Anyone have any experience with this kit? Will be going on a track only car. Already have black series rear bushes, less than 1 year old, but wanting to go full out with the car.
  2. J90RDN

    Solid Bushes & Subframe Bushes

    First disclaimer - Pure track car Where-ever possible my car has Powerflex Black Series bushes, but to sharpen the handling even more I'm thinking of going to solid bushes and solid subframe bushes. Has anyone got experience of these, either going from standard to solid or the power flex bushes...
  3. J90RDN

    Backlash Advice

    Any advise on measuring the backlash on diff and what the tolerance should be. Going to be swapping gripper diff into a spare gearbox I have.
  4. J90RDN

    Worn/Melted CV Boot - Track Only Car

    Hi. Have a strange issue with drivers side CV Boot. Boot was a brand new Renault part, put on just before Bedford track day. It was installed correctly, with the correct crimping tool. Half way through the day (approx 60 miles) I noticed the inside of the wheel was covered in grease. CV boot had...
  5. J90RDN

    Gripper Gearbox Issues

    Need some advice. Purchased a gearbox with a gripper diff installed from this forum some weeks ago. Got it fitted today, went out for a drive, and it has crunching into 3rd gear. Was advised it was a freshly reconditioned box, with 90 mins use. I've ensured the clutch is bled correctly (twice)...
  6. J90RDN

    KW Coilovers & CompBrake Top Mounts

    Is anyone running KW V3 coilovers with CompBrake adjustable top mounts? I want to run these but not sure they will fit and work together. It's for a track only car. Thanks
  7. J90RDN

    Exhaust Heatshield Replacement

    Has anyone replaced the original exhaust heatshields with anything like the placement cloth or adhesive matting/sheeting? My rear heat shield rattle like mad and would much prefer to ditch them and replace with heat shield sheeting.
  8. J90RDN

    Swapping Engine and ECU - Possible?

    Hi - Have done a quick search and can't find anything relevant. My engines on 113k and probably needs a belt and dephaser change. I've also put on a toyosport manifold, with K-Tec decat pipe and full exhaust. Because I have no cats it now needs a remap. I'm thinking perhaps an easier route to...
  9. J90RDN

    Stud Replacement Parts (not buying kit)

    Hi. Can someone tell me if the following parts will be suitable for a stud conversion? Studs Nuts...
  10. J90RDN

    Advice on Fitting Powerflex Front Wishbone Rear Bush

    Replacing the front wishbone rear bush with Powerflex Black Series for track only use. Have the old bushes out, but having real problems getting the new ones in. A few people on Facebook have given opinions, but wondered if anyone else here has done them? I have a small 6 ton shop press but it...
  11. J90RDN

    DIY ABS Delete

    Hi. Strongly thinking of deleting out the ABS (2006 197). Have run track cars in the past without ABS, and much prefer the feel they have. It will obviously reduce a little weight and complexity in the engine bay. Having looked at the system, there are obviously 2 feeds from the master cylinder...
  12. J90RDN

    A Lesson - eBay is not always cheaper

    Everyone assumes eBay is the cheapest place to source parts, and that stealers (I know that phrase doesn't help) will always be the most expensive. On the whole that may be a true statement, but it's always best to check your local Renault dealer first, especially for smaller parts. I last week...
  13. J90RDN

    Gearbox Removal and/or Clutch Change Guide

    Hi. I have the front suspension, subframe and radiator currently removed from the car. In the short 10 mile drive I had in the car I noticed the normal crunch into 3rd. It is likely the gearbox oil hasn't been changed in a long time, so this is going to be done, and I'm also replacing the mounts...
  14. J90RDN

    KTEC Exhaust Centre Mount

    Have just purchased a second hand KTEC exhaust. ON my car it looks like the centre exhaust mount has been redesigned at some point to accommodate the powerflow exhaust. Does the KTEC exhaust use the standard clio mount and hanger? Does anyone have a pic? Thanks
  15. J90RDN

    Best Place To Buy PowerFlex Bushes

    Where is the best place to buy these? I notice that just about everywhere, even eBay, sell at the RRP. Anywhere cheaper or where we get a club discount? Thanks
  16. J90RDN

    197 Red 2006 Track Only Project

    Quick intro. Not only a Clio virgin, but a French car virgin. Currently building a Tiger Avon (Caterham type kit car) as a pure track car, so the Clio is going to be a fast build and bad weather track car. So a 56 reg 113k mile 197 purchased for the grand sum of £1600 a few weeks ago. On the...