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  1. Bux

    Out with the Clio, in with the BMW

    Thanks guys. I just watched the Clio drive away about an hour ago, it felt so wrong seeing it being driven by somebody else :(
  2. Bux

    Out with the Clio, in with the BMW

    It's got lots of options, but satnav wasn't one of them. What you can see is the little storage things on the top of the dash, which is part of the storage pack. I agree, it is more gentle in and nail it out that hurling it in, feels more planted doing it that way. Shame you couldn't get a...
  3. Bux

    Out with the Clio, in with the BMW

    Yeah it's a 123d M Sport, with all the M-Sport parts on it :) It's different to drive than the clio, but I still enjoy it. It feels sportier as you are lower down, and I really like the driving position, I prefer it to the clio. With the clio, you have to keep the revs up to get it to go...
  4. Bux

    Out with the Clio, in with the BMW

    To be honest, it is really good fun to drive, especially with all the torque it has. The drive home after getting it was 4 hours, so had plenty of time to have some fun and see what it's really like.
  5. Bux

    Out with the Clio, in with the BMW

    So, my 197 is being sold. I've had someone put a deposit on it and they are coming to collect it next week. For its replacement, I thought i'd go for something that cruises a bit better and has a bit more luxury to it, so I got this 123d. Just spent all day washing, claying, polishing and...
  6. Bux

    heart in mouth, -nearly lost it.

    I've had this happen once to me, maybe i'm not driving it hard enough ;) Was actually just driving casually (about 20 - 30mph), went round a bend which is normally fine to go round but the back end just stepped out so i had to counter-steer and boot it to get it to come back. Scared the crap...
  7. Bux

    A couple of spots on the m5 yesterday

    EDIT: Ignore me, I'm an idiot who can't read post dates. Haha
  8. Bux

    Anthracite wheel paint

    Thanks mate!
  9. Bux

    Anthracite wheel paint

    Does anybody know what the paint code is, or where I could get some touch up paint for my alloys? They're anthra raiders from an R27. Managed to curb it in a car park this morning and id rather just touch it up than have to get the whole wheel refurbed... Cheers
  10. Bux

    Massively torn...

    I've been having the same thoughts lately, but I just can't bring myself to sell the clio. My daily commute (I do lift share on a couple days) is a 52 mile round trip, with no motorways... I was looking at something bigger to replace it with and had been looking at Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro's...
  11. Bux

    Quick Question regarding 6 CD Changer

    I burn my music onto discs via iTunes. I've only ever had a problem with 1 disc, and that worked the first time but then decided to stop working.
  12. Bux

    Drivers door has dropped :-/

    Mines the same aswell. Gonna wait for a sunny day and then do it
  13. Bux

    I'll have a chocolate covered bird please...

    Found this hilarious and couldn't help myself from posting it :P
  14. Bux

    Trim Dressing

    I got this: Lasts ages and leaves a nice finish too on both trim and tyres.
  15. Bux

    Low on power every now and then

    It's the one on the right hand side of the block, behind the dipstick. Easy to get out, swap the seal over and then put the new one in. Seems to have fixed the issue :)
  16. Bux

    Picked up my 197 and loving it :0D

    From what i've read before, and what my car says. 197 early box = 70mph in 6th = 3600rpm approx 197 & 200 box = 70mph in 6th = 3200rpm approx
  17. Bux

    My 197 now on Spacers and Lows

    Dammit! Now I need to lower mine and get spacers :P
  18. Bux

    Whats your Job?

    Project Manager/Engineer/Apprentice/Office Nerd
  19. Bux

    197 lowered and spacers

    I think 20mm is fine. Here's a pic of a 197 lowered by 30/40mm and has 20mm spacers all round
  20. Bux

    197 lowered and spacers

    The first one is the one I would choose. Having longer bolts puts more strain on them and makes them more likely to break. Edit: I just realised I basically answered this on page 1 haha