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  1. Arran

    Clio 200t, tyre skip when on on full lock

    As per title really, is it normal for the tyres to skip on full lock when manoeuvring? That's what it feels like anyway, they skip across the tarmac like there's too much lock for the tyre to cope. Anyone else's do that?
  2. Arran

    200T headlight upgrade - anyone done it?

    Anyone done any led or hid light upgrades to the headlights on the 200t or 220t? Seen a company called Nighteye that sell led upgrades, but I'm not sure if they're worth it.
  3. Arran

    Clio 200t armrest

    Has anyone fitted an armrest in the front of their 200t? Which one did you fit and is it any good? I've found on rpd one which is £133 but I think Armster do one too.
  4. Arran

    Picked up my 200t tonight! 5th Clio!

    Been and traded my 182 in tonight for a Flame Red Clio 200t Lux. I haven't driven it far yet, but I can't believe how quick it felt on the short run I went on. It's a Lux non cup but with leather seats. Shame it hasn't got 18" wheels, but the ride is good!
  5. Arran

    Long time member, had a 197, now in a 182.

    Hi, I've been a member on for ages, I used to own a UR 197 which I loved. I traded that in for a Mazda 3 MPS a few years back. I decided to buy a house, so after 2 years of owning the mps I sold that and used it as a deposit for my house! That was 2 years ago and since then...
  6. Arran

    Anyone help with mk 2 Clio 1.5 dci engine management light?

    Basically I'm on holiday in Turkey. I've hired a Renault Symbol (mk2 Clio with a boot instead of a hatch) with a 1.5dci lump. The engine management light keeps coming on and off. Guy at the Hire place wasn't bothered, but I don't want to break down. Comes on under acceleration normally, then...
  7. Arran

    Red 197 F1 57 plate Four Ashes Renault

    You were following me in my work van over the down the country roads and over the lights at Four Ashes before turning in to Four Ashes Renault Specialists. Another red 197 went in the opposite direction too (coincidence a? I see that every Thursday morning!). Car looked good. Do you use Four...
  8. Arran


    Under my Profile, Statistics and General Information it says Referrals: 2. What does this mean?
  9. Arran

    Help with Potential Nurburgring Trip

    I'm hoping there will be someone on here that's got a good knowledge of the Nurburgring. I'm seriously considering a rather extravagant stag do and at the same time ticking off one of the 10 things to do before you die, by going to the 'ring and a driving a few laps with my mates! No my...
  10. Arran

    At long last, a small cleaning session on the MPS!

    I haven't cleaned the car for ages, it was absolutely filthy! The front wheels were black with brake dust! I don't get a lot of time off, but I have had this weekend free so set about attacking the car! I started it late in the day, too late really. This was after a jet wash - still really...
  11. Arran

    Help with membership

    I'm a bit confused, I had an email the other day saying my Gold membership was about to expire. But I thought I had a year left on it. I've come on tonight and it says Gold Member under my name, but my name is now green (as in just standard membership). I can't access all areas like Gold and...
  12. Arran

    Which Second Car? - Having Issues with Evans Halshaw

    We need a second car. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that my mother and father in law (to be) are working over in Qatar and when they come home every now and again will need a car to drive around in. Other reasons are so we can put the dog in the boot, when my...
  13. Arran

    My Mazda is sick! :-( After Beacons Blast!

    Me and my good pal Webby made the journey to meet folk from Wales on Saturday. We met up in Worcester, just the 2 of us after a few dropped out. It was a long but entertaining drive there! :thumbsup: We arrived and said hi before setting off for the Brecon Beacons and I got lost 300 yards...
  14. Arran

    Forget International Motorshows, Qatar on a Friday is the place!

    Some of you may have seen on Facebook I have been adding picture from the last few weeks from my holiday to see my father in law who's working in Qatar. He doesn't live far from a Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls Royce garage, so there is car porn there all the time. But tonight they have all...
  15. Arran

    Someone's hit my 3, what should I do?

    Went up to the bank on Saturday afternoon, parked up at the side of a small side street. Went to get out but saw some idiot in a Corsa reversing at high speed round the corner on the wrong side of the road so waited. He stopped near to the back of my car and let his mates out. So I opened the...
  16. Arran

    White 200 FF, Cup spoiler & RS Skirts Wolves Ground 18.30

    Saw you on Waterloo Road by Asda and the Wolves ground in Wolverhampton at about 18.30 tonight. Car looked great, made me miss my 197 when you put your foot down a little bit!
  17. Arran

    Autosport and Piston Heads Show

    Some friends and me went to the Autosport and Piston Heads show at the NEC in Birmingham today. Had a good day, some nice cars there and saw a few members from off here. Russ, who was helping out on the Auto Finesse stand. Great to meet you. Got followed in the car park and parked next to by...
  18. Arran

    Anyone work for Sky TV or know lots about it?

    We got given a Sky + HD box by my missus' uncle. Plugged it all in, power, HDMI lead, sat dish (only the one cable) and it came on, straight away. But couldn't get the recording working. So the missus rang up Sky when I was out and the lady talked her through changing the settings so it would...
  19. Arran

    Look what she's done to my beautiful MPS!

    Got a phone call from the missus this afternoon. 'What's up babe?' 'Not sure you will want to know? I've ripped the side skirt of the side of the car in Beatties car park, I'm so sorry' [commences crying]. FFS WOMAN! Yes, that long bit of plastic inside the house, is...
  20. Arran

    Not even a month has past and I'm back in a Renault

    Not been a month yet and I'm back in another Renault. This time the boot capacity is much bigger then the 197, because I'm the proud hirer of a Renault Kangoo! Ha ha! After someone went in to the side of my Citroen Berlingo a month or so ago, I took it to be repaired last Tuesday. They gave...