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  1. tkoh12

    Airbag connectors

    Swapped my seats and wheel over and now have to try get lights off! I’ve got all the connectors and can’t for the life of me find a 200 connector image with the cables required to put resistors found a thread which looks similar but doesn’t have the same colour cables as I do. And tried to...
  2. tkoh12

    Vibration under heaving braking.

    Just had my first track day in the 200 and it was ace! However it had a vibration under heavy braking if at 70% if you stomped the brakes it was fine. Question is are they warped? May have been previously as I’ve not changed them in my ownership but wouldn’t they vibrate all the time. Any ideas?
  3. tkoh12

    Corbeau clubsport subframe

    So after being told the seats would fit without subframes.... after faffing with a rounded seat rail bolt I finally found out that you do need a subframe.... can anyone recommend me some subframes for these seats
  4. tkoh12


    Anyone in Lincolnshire area have a clio with corbeau clubsports in that I can come have a sit in and see what they’re like before I end up buying something else that I’ve sat in and like but cost double the price? Be much appreciated
  5. tkoh12

    Cup 2 or AD08R

    Pro's and Cons of each from you guys who have used them? only £20 difference per corner to the cup 2 which im intrigued to try being a michelin user previously but haven't had AD08R use before. Tyres will be on OZ ultra's and used for summer months with a couple of track days one being the ring.
  6. tkoh12

    Washer pump bites the dust

    Best place to get hold of one eBay seems to bring up a 12v and 24v one? Anyone know the exact one? Links would be ideal
  7. tkoh12


    Will 197 recaro's fit into a 200? Any differences?
  8. tkoh12

    OZ ultraleggeras

    Got some of the above coming to me and wanted to know from the guys running them what tyre size you are running? Would like to go 225 what profile is everyone running
  9. tkoh12

    Corbeau club sport

    so I’m wanting to get some club sports they come with the runners and what they call “universal” sidemounts. Do they actually require anything else? Also can you get lower rails/subframes as I don’t want it to be the same height as the standard seat.
  10. tkoh12

    B14 install!

    Well fitted them at the weekend turned out to be a right ball ache! Drive shafts out couldn’t lower the hub enough to drop the standard one out! Got there in the end!
  11. tkoh12

    LY200T in bourne

    Parked in Lidl or Aldi whatever it is in bourne. Was parked next to you
  12. tkoh12

    Bilsteins and spacers...

    So I've just got some B14's for my newly purchased LY200... Im wanting to know what they look like lowered on the original wheels, and what spacers you guys have so i can see how they sit. As i feel there will be some serious tuck at the moment having such high ET. Pictures would be grateful...
  13. tkoh12

    Silverstone silver 200 in Bourne?!

    I was in the LY200 and drove past you!
  14. tkoh12


    Hi all! Previously owned a 197 cup sold it many moons ago and had all sorts E46 M3, DC2, RS4 and I've just had to go back to a small hot hatch! As bang for buck you can't beat it! Picking up a liquid yellow 200 on friday and can't wait! Few things after replacing the steering wheel as its a...
  15. tkoh12

    how easy..

    is it to fit springs yourself is there a how to??
  16. tkoh12

    Ktec Spacers

    Anyone used there spacer kit 3? opinions?
  17. tkoh12

    Newbie from Middlesbrough!

    My name is Tom from middlesbrough, Just got myself a GW 197 Cup pick it up next weekend and its fair to say im excited. I have a list of things i want to do already! been getting a bit of stick from friends as im moving on from a focus st-3 so they reckon it wont be as good, but i love the...