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    bottom ball joint

    Can anyone please give me advice my lower ball joint has gone and I have seen a few posts some saying you can get the lower ball joint and some saying you carnt you have to buy a whole new hub carrier could you please help me and tell me what I need I.e part numbers and where the cheapest place...
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    64 mm throttle body

    Does anyone know where to get there standard throttle body drilled out to 64mm as I want to get mine done asap
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    64 , mm throttle body reboring

    I want my throttle body reborig does anyone know anyone that can do it in the lincolnshire area as I want mine doing
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    burning oil

    Could anyone help me my car seems to be burning oil and obviously something is wrong with it but I dont know what it sounds right and runs perfect but since its got mucky you can see mucky parts more where the exhausts are I was just wondering if anyone could help me and is it a costly job?
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    please someone help me with this fault code

    I need help with my car i have just got a fault code come up po313 powertrain missfire low fuel i was wondering if anyone could help me with whats causing this proplem :)
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    abs and esp light on dash

    Have just recently keep getting the esp and abs light showing on my dash and i was wondering what the promblem could be if anyone could help?
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    radio change

    hiya i have just got a 197 and it has come with the cabasse radio i was just wondering if anyone could help me with how to change it to my kenwood headunit and the stuff i need to change it many thank :)