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  1. rg197r27

    Py24w Clear Indicator Bulbs 200t

    I got mine of a eBay seller and I paid £15.00 for a pair Rich Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  2. rg197r27

    How many miles has your 200T/220T done?

    10,000 July 2013 Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  3. rg197r27

    Chris's LY 200t.

    Very nice mate I will get some photos of mine up soon rich
  4. rg197r27

    No. 281/500

    Sorry to say that my r27 is a total loss due to being swept away in the floods in the south of france rich
  5. rg197r27

    RIP r27 281/500

    Thanks guys for all of your comments they are much appricated both marie-claire (mc) and i are ok we managed to get back to the site this afternoon and we have found the car it has been totally submerged and all the interior is thick in mud and we managed to savage some bits from the moblie home...
  6. rg197r27

    RIP r27 281/500

    I thought I would send you a quick message to let you know that we are both in one piece. I'm still not quite sure how we made it out but we did and we are now staying in a hotel in the hills above Nice about an hour away from the campsite we were staying at. It was the scariest thing i've...
  7. rg197r27

    Photo request: White 200 with Stickers

    the sides and the rear ones will fit as those parts are the same 197/200 but the front one will not fit as the front bumper is different on the 200. If you get the renault produced ones like the f1 r27 then for the sides and rear stickers you will be looking at price close to £350,00. rich
  8. rg197r27

    Coilovers (Beginner)

    woody please could you take some fotos rich
  9. rg197r27

    Another dose of Liquid Yellow...

    is the steering wheel new if so how much was it. rich
  10. rg197r27

    Road Trip 2/4 : My car has now been to Specsavers ;o)

    Mike have a good trip and please take some photos as you know we are away to the south of france on wednesday evening to saint-malo to rennes then thursday rennes to saint-ettaine then friday saint-etaine to frejus a total of 740 miles rich
  11. rg197r27

    Anyone want it warm???

    mike i am away on a week wednesday ti the south of france rich
  12. rg197r27


    I am considering the fact that i am off on a trip to the south of france with the r27 a week on wednesday and i have just suffered a punchure to one of my tyres i am now wondering if the repair would hold or shound i get a new tyre your comments please. I would be doing a 1500 mile round trip rich
  13. rg197r27

    Knocking from rear seat mounts

    i have the same problem m8 let us know if you get it sorted rich
  14. rg197r27


    no mate there not the standard 215/45/17 they are 225/35/18's michelin pilot sport 2 in a zr rating rich
  15. rg197r27


    I had a punture on friday night caused by a screw, i called out my local recovery agents and they managed to do a tech repair at the side of the road, I popped down to the tyre place yesturday morning and they tested the tyre to see if all is good and result it is other wise i would of had to...
  16. rg197r27

    Black 197 rollin 18" Ultraleggeras

    Hi m8 did you put your sun strip on or was it on the car when you got it. If you did it is it internal or external and what did you use for it rich
  17. rg197r27

    My FULL FAT R/B 197, is now sold,

    they look spot on m8 rich
  18. rg197r27

    Hands free....

    no problem m8 rich
  19. rg197r27


    I have got a elia one but i am not sure if it goes i just wanted members ideas you are correct jase i have got the splitter and side skirts rich
  20. rg197r27


    The one from rsport are the ones on the race car and are mounted and are angled differently the renaultsport cup spoiler is the one you can get from your dealer rich