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    Hi all, Just a quick post to say I'm going to take some time out from things. I have made some poor choices of suppliers in my very early days starting out with this venture which has put me in a bit of a situation and left a few unhappy people. I am working to sort this and until that time I...
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    Reacaros or not... poll

    How many of you have them?
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    random request, requires tape measure lol

    Could someone do me a huge flavor and measure thier bonnet at the widest part pls? Ta :)
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    Richy 200.....

    Clear you PMs dude ;)
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    overseas popularity of the 197/200

    Something I have been wondering lately is why we don't see more oversees members on here. Which led me on to wondering how popular our favourite french hatch is overseas?!
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    Carbon dipping

    Opinions guys? I must admit, I'm a carbon snob. But, dipping does offer a cheap alternative for people just wanting to freshen parts up!
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    On both models... How do they mount?
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    Serious Jap toys!

    Been on here this eve... makes me sad!! Get google translate on the go and have a mooch... the old old shape skyline (the retro cool as **** models) are everywhere but £20k odd...
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    Website name suggestions

    Guys, As you know we deal in mainly in carbon. But we also sell a whole host of lighting. I want to keep the two seperate in terms of websites so I need some ideas on a name for the lighting one please. We sell the usual, LEDs, HIDs, normal bulbs (osram, phillips) etc... I was...
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    197/200 bood diamond differences?

    Guys, whats the crack with this? Renault parts lists two types of badge, one for FF and one for cup... I dont see why it would be different??
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    Whos wanting a carbon bonnet then??

    I have them being made at the mo. With the work the factory have on with other projects you will be looking at the wrong side of Xmas in reality but just wanted to guage what the interest is? Price wise, I could bring them in at a tad under £400 ;)
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    The old 197 bus

    A couple of sound bites from the old girl..... Much love for this car still, makes me so sad when I see it driving about near me :(
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    The Track Shed!!!!

    Cut and pasted from another site so CBA editing if some info is a bit out!! Mods feel free to move if this is the wrong section. As some of you know I am getting rid of the 197 that was meant to be my track toy, a crippling finance payment, ****e fuel economy and other issues have meant...
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    Hi all

    Hope you are well. Some familiar faces on here I see. Getting back on track now from the hard times which meant me selling the car at a substantial loss and cutting all ties from the performance car scene (ish)! You will soon be seeing me again, not in an ownership capacity, but one which...
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    Money from street names??

    anyone seen this before? looks like money for old rope!!! Generate some traffic and get paid some money! Quality!! Was there not another thing like this where you traded in celebrity names??
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    Sad day. Clio has gone!

    Sad day toaday, Took the 197 back to the dealers. Had a little right foot fun on they way, they really are great cars, even STD! Probably one of the few that the dealers will recieve with the Avg consumption reading 31.4 MPG :D Bye bye 197 :( :( :(
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    GW tow eye cover needed urgently

    As above, I have one that I can get pro painted in exchange its just my car has to go to Ren in like a couple of days and its too short notice to sort. Can any of you good forum members go without yours for a week while I get the other sprayed professionally? :(
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    Clio going... traded today!

    Staying with Renaultsport but a smaller model ;) GW 133 cup with black pack ordered today!
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    Detail my GW.... North West

    As above, who can detail my poor car before it goes? ;)
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    New car bought!

    Steady guys, you will all get a go!