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  1. Jamz72

    Help!! Flushed & Bled Brakes, Now Clutch Does Nothing!!!

    Hi guys, seriously stressing here. Flushed and bled all my brakes and clutch today with new fluid. I used the visibleed one man kit. Clutch fluid seemed dodgy to begin with - kept coming out with lots of air bubbles and some pumps of the clutch didn't seem to push any fluid out at all. I tried...
  2. Jamz72

    197: Black 197 / R27 with a death wish near Wellesbourne, Warwickshire

    ...less than sensible overtake.
  3. Jamz72

    Progressive Bump Stops with Dust Covers

    Hi guys, I changed my oil the other day and (after not being able to fit my jack under the car properly) realised my front left spring has broken :( I don't want to buy coilovers (£££) so my decision is between replacing with standard springs, Eibach or Madeno Racing. Eibach have not been...
  4. Jamz72

    How to remove interior rear plastic bits?

    Basically I want to remove the two bits of carpet each side of the boot, to do this I need to remove the plastic panels in the two pics below. I don't want to yank them the wrong way and break off any plastic clips! I have removed the two bolts and popped up the two bits on the top. I think...
  5. Jamz72

    200: Red + Cup in Stratford Upon Avon

    Saw you crossing the bridge, on here?
  6. Jamz72

    200 Service Schedule Request

    Right, I feel bad for posting this as I've just done a search and there are looads of threads on this topic.. but none I could find had accurate information regarding the service schedule for a 200. I know we have the 197 service schedule on here (link) but I think it's subtly different for the...
  7. Jamz72

    200: White Non Cup Pack ##10 FOV in Stratford Upon Avon

    Think it was you I saw twice, once while walking to the gym and once on the way back! Also think I've seen you parked in the little Co-op car park in Trinity Mead
  8. Jamz72

    Are all mk3 boot carpets the same?

    Does anyone know if all the mk3 boot carpets are the same? The carpet on the base and on both sides of the boot.. so the 3 pieces in total. I rang up a Renault parts place but they weren't very helpful! PS if anyone happens to have any lying around PM me :)
  9. Jamz72

    200: Silverstone Edition in JLR, Whitley

    I let you out in front of me in the car park yesterday :thumbup: Seen you parked up a few times too
  10. Jamz72

    Help Removing Battery Housing

    So I'm currently in the middle of trying to remove the battery housing in order to reach the clutch bleed nipple and also the gearbox linkages.. but I'm stuck! I would appreciate some step by step advice on how to progress (see pics below for where I have got to). It seems that the sides of...
  11. Jamz72

    Exhaust Sealant for Akrapovic

    I will be fitting my used Akrapovic Evo system this Saturday if all goes to plan and I cannot decide whether to use an exhaust sealant or not.. The official fitting instructions (LINK) doesn't say it is required but something in the back of my mind is saying it might be best to use some. On...
  12. Jamz72

    200: X** BAY Black in Cleobury Mortimer

    On Saturday about 1pm ish. I was in my mates blue BRZ :)
  13. Jamz72

    197: Cannock Chase - Birches Valley Centre *dodgy pic*

    You had forum stickers so must be on here :) I was in my mate's "banger" that pulled up next to you as you were driving off
  14. Jamz72

    Cheeky Test Drive Those pictures don't do it justice - it's such a gorgeous car in the metal :drool: Pretty quick too! Steering felt solid and precise but the car kept jumping everywhere and tugging at the steering along the country lanes we...
  15. Jamz72

    Brake & Clutch Bleeding Questions

    Hello all! I’ve just bought myself a Visibleed kit with one way valve (link) & some Motul RBF 600 fluid so will be bleeding my system soon (also got myself some gearbox oil but that’s an easier job). Now, I know there are a few threads on brake bleeding and a couple on clutch but nothing is in...
  16. Jamz72

    197: Black 197 Stratford Upon Avon

    Parked down the road from me in Trinity Mead
  17. Jamz72

    Just drove one of these..

    ..with work about 40miles across Warwickshire. V8 Supercharged 550PS F-Type R with carbon ceramic brakes :001_tt1: Was genuinely smiling the whole way.. the sound is IMMENSE!
  18. Jamz72

    Wheel Alignment with EPAS

    Hi guys, A couple of months ago I had my tyres changed and wanted a full wheel alignment done at the same time.. but I was told by my local wheels & tyres garage that they couldn't do the wheel alignment because the car had electric power steering which made it too difficult. I mentioned this...
  19. Jamz72

    200: RB 200 Cup - Stratford Upon Avon Leisure Centre

    I was walking out into the car park.. really had to resist the urge to wave!
  20. Jamz72

    Anyone used

    Has anyone here actually invested using I've read good things about it and it seems like a wise way of easily investing.. but I have never heard from anyone that's used it. I'm fed up of my 0.002% Lloyds savings interest rate (it really is something like that). Cheers!