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    New car

    After having 2 197's I now bought an F1 Team R26 in Liquid yellow .
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    World series

    Hi anyone got any spare tickets ,would like to take the family in the new Scenic. Saturday ,cheers John
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    Nice to meat you Jonesey

    Nice to meet you today
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    2 white RSClios

    St Albans Nr Morrisons saturday night at the Chop shop and another Sunday nr Sandbanks in Dorset.200/197
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    We are off to world Series this Saturday

    Got my infield pass this morning for World Series on Saturday /Sunday from the Alpine owners club. We are going up on Saturday /Sunday ,a group from the Waltham Forest College Motor Vehicl/Motorcycle and Motoracing levels 1,2 and 3 and some Evening class guys . One of my sons and his Girfriend...
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    Buying new motorbike.
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    Blue 200 at the Boleyn ground today.OLAS.

    Spoted in the car park at West Ham to day by the old caretakers school house.A blue Clio RS 200 with gunmetal wheels. Good reg,finishing- OLAS- Over Land And Sea- the West Ham United Fanzine. Come on you Irons.
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    Car back from latest round of W'tee work

    Picked up my car this afternoon from its lattest round of w'tee (and hopefully last)work. Its fantastic,smells like a new car inside ,the steering wheel feels so nice .I did not realise had bad the old one was and the Recaro looks great with lovely sparkly blue bits in .The material has been...
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    Blue 197

    Blue 197 crossing the R/B @ Cathrine St/St Peters St In St Albans Thusday Lunch time.
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    Recomend a head unit

    I want to upgrade my head unit. I'v bought some 6 by 9 Alpine speakers to go on the rear parcel shelf and have the Renault upgraded speakers fitted. So what head unit,the things I want are MP3 socket and built in sat nav,one of the Pioneer units I've seen looks good but the screen comes out...
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    2 Blue RS st albans 2 nite

    First a blue 197 in Sand pit lane 17.50 ish,then a blue R26 with aprivate reg T5@@@ coming out of childwickbury at 18.00 ish.
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    LY St Albans

    In the body shop this morning.De- stickered LY 197 r27.
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    My R27 F1

    Bought my second 197 from Waters Renault in St Albans. Was going to keep her standard but soon got the urge to do a few very small changes. First up was a set of RS mats and Renault boot mat. Then a left hand drive sunvisor for the passenger(adds mirror cover and toll ticket holder) A drivers...
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    Boot with room to spare and home made stuby

    Made a stuby aerial as the standard one hits the rear wing,reception fine with the stuby made from an old Renault aerial. Spare and other bits and pieces instaled in boot with plenty of room for our lugage when touring.
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    Black 200 st Albans

    In morrisons car park (waters demo?) Black Clio 200 with cup spoiler and black wheels.
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    Blue r26 St albans

    Heading in to town on Sandpit Lane ,Thursday Evening about 6.50pm ,Blue Megane RS R26 with private plate.
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    More new bits.

    First day of my summer hols and the postman has been busy. Fitted the cup wing this morning.Going down to get a quote from a local body shop for spraying it off the car. ITG filter fitted. Space saver spare wheel geting tyre fitted by me today. Bought new drill bits and centre drill...
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    Spare tyre arrived

    Great service from ebay .
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    Nimbus 197 Sandpit Lane

    Friday PM out for a walk ,nimbus 197 heading towards town
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    White 200 North Circular

    This morning about 7.45am heading east on the North Circular near the Billet. It was me try to catch you through the taffic in the LY 197.