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  1. deadmau5

    My Titanium Ph1 172

    I picked this up last night: 62k, FRSH and two owners from new. Really good condition. It has the aluminium bonnet and shift light. Michelin PE2s all round. In the past few months its had a lot of money spent to bring it up to standard mechanically and cosmetically, such as -Just serviced...
  2. deadmau5

    Wales Rally GB

    Anyone else going to watch? I'll be at Chirk castle on Saturday for the special stage. Weather looks okay at the moment!
  3. deadmau5

    Bike jacker in Brazil gets shot NSFW probably, you see someone get shot. He died apparently. GOOD
  4. deadmau5

    £1 wash mitt! £1 delivered. I've ordered two.
  5. deadmau5

    Italian bracing and camber adjust stuff!renaul-clio-engl/cneq
  6. deadmau5

    White 200 at Tough Mudder South West 21/09/13

    Saw you parking up as we were walking in.
  7. deadmau5

    Are these parts the same?

    The part circled in the top picture and item 14 in the second picture. I'm pretty certain it's the same part.
  8. deadmau5

    Clio goes... Panda 100hp arrives.

    With great sadness I sold my Clio a week last Saturday to a guy who's had many RSs including 172 Cup, 197 and R27s. A House deposit must come before a thirsty hatchback. I then went to pick up this: 34k miles, FSH at the supplying Fiat/Lancia specialist including cambelt just done...
  9. deadmau5

    Interesting video regarding cold air intakes
  10. deadmau5

    Anyone owned a Panda 100hp? How does it compare to the Clio?

    I love my Clio but at 17k miles a year and 26mpg most of which is done in traffic the fuel bills are starting to grate, especially as I am trying to save for a house deposit. I want something chuckable but with better running costs. Evo magazine metaphorically sucked the Panda off for 10...
  11. deadmau5

    RB200 on the A5105 heading into Ruthin

    Saw you yesterday about 1:30. I was on my way to Bangor via the Evo Triangle.
  12. deadmau5

    How much have you spent on fuel in your Clio ownership?

    I just worked out that in 17 months and 24,500 miles I've spent approximately £6300 on V-Power. Scary. Do I regret it? No :skiing:
  13. deadmau5

    Winding back calipers - painful story

    I put some new discs, calipers and pads on the rear today as well as bleeding them. I wound the calipers back just far enough to fit them over the disc and pads, but they were binding ever so slightly. I'm not sure whether this is a stupid question or not, but can the calipers wind themselves...
  14. deadmau5

    Has anyone fitted these?
  15. deadmau5

    How much do you want one of these!?!?!? RWD, manual, hatch, good looking. *spent*
  16. deadmau5

    Don't drag race a 200T unless you have FI... The new one smashes the 200! :ohmy:
  17. deadmau5

    Steering feel

    My mum got a Mazda MX5 last week. It's a 2.0 sport with Bilstein dampers and an LSD. I've been driving it whenever I've had the chance because it's fun and different to driving the Clio. Whilst the Clio is faster and brakes better, the steering in the Mazda is just on another level. I can't get...
  18. deadmau5

    White 200 with Cup spoiler - Thornton

    I've seen it twice, both times being driven hard on Lambs Road. First time was on Christmas Day and secondly last night.
  19. deadmau5

    Click from the glove box when rear wiper is on

    When I have my rear wiper on, just as it completes its full wipe, I get a click from the glove box area. Does anyone know why this happens?
  20. deadmau5

    The world's biggest knobhead

    ... is me. Firstly I ordered a front caliper seal kit when I meant to order a rear one. Secondly I ordered some rear disks from Nextdaybrakes however they are the wrong size (240mm not 300mm(they did appear when I entered my reg though)). Finally I ordered a single Pagid front brake...