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    Help with identifying a cars history

    After looking for a r26-r and now deciding it's too raw for everyday looking at a r26 megane ive found one I'm interested in but the car has no history (well, has mot's) can anyone help with this or can renault give me any information? car reg is MV57 ZDG any help would be great
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    Best place to buy lowering springs

    Have up on trying to get a spring for my r27 so I've got little choice to just change the whole lot. Where is best to get some? I don't want any that puts the car on its arse coz its going in part ex next week anyway
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    Coil spring looking for confirmation

    Can anyone tell me for certain that an 08 plate clio cup will have the same coil springs as the 197 f1? might have one (thanks th Steve) but seller says there is no colour dots on the springs! I need blue/orange
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    Top and bottom 3's

    Not the opposite sex (which is the usual top 3 type conversations I get into!) I have a theory behind what I think the results will be on this but this is on anything about your car my top 3 1. The fun factor (when driven enthusiastically) 2. The cars handling 3. Keyless entry and go bottom 3...
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    Annoying tablet issue

    Can anyone technically minded help me with this I have a Samsung 7 inch tablet and using this forum for example, whenever I go to type a reply to a thread, as soon as the keypad comes up it moves me up to the top of the page meaning I cannot see what I'm writing, if I then scroll it down it will...
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    nipple issue!

    Is it a common issue that the threads come out with the bleed nipple?:(
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    megane 230 desire yey or ney?

    hi guys and gals, not been on here for a good while I have recently (and more frequently) been looking at meg 230 F1's I still love my clio f1 but something a big bigger would be handy Sorry if its been covered before but any advice or opinions would be very welcome (also any real meg running...
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    Front coil spring 197 f1

    Just failed mot with one broken! does anyone have one for sale? It's quite urgent!
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    Part number required

    Is there a workshop manual available on here? I need the part number for the screw/bolt/rivet that holds the coolant tank in place, mine is missing and the tank keeps falling out of place!
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    Cardip neon orange started!

    Bloody hell it's bright!
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    Spark plug change guide

    As title is there a guide with pics please?
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    Anyone had a r26 f1 megane 230?

    In a debate with myself if I could do with a bigger car! id love a meg 250 but I don't want any car payments so it is not an option. I could however get a meg 230 f1. just wondering what people's thoughts are of this car. autocar gives it a fantastic write up
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    Track alloy wheel colour

    Thinking outside the usual of silver / black / and sort of grey etc Not the car daily so I'm thinking about summit bright and different! any ideas? its going on nimbus r27 (with stickers)
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    quietest stainless steel exhaust system

    as title says, im round the corner from croft and a lot of the trackdays are 88db - hence why i'm looking for the quietest/closest to standard (sorry Im aware of the growing pain of things that have been covered loads of times but I actually could not find an answer to this one!) I think mine...
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    braided hoses

    are they worth putting on the clio?, Ive had them on my elise, vx220 and integra but they were all bought with them already fitted! because of this I have never really had a benchmark to go off in terms of them improving braking performance just incase it matters my current brake setup is...
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    Dealer part only?

    I'll start with an apology as I don't know what the part is actually called! It's an arm that is connected to track rod end! (If it helps, when the car is jacked up on front near side I can wobble the wheel from side to side a bit!) local motor factors ran my reg plate and have me this part...
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    nimbus on yellow alloys

    For anyone crazy enough to be thinking about what it might look like! these are for track use so I couldn't care if they were poo brown!! at least they match the F1 little square on the stickers!
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    alternative alloys - not the usual type!

    I cant seem to find, (but could be wrong) if a thread has been created that shows alternative alloys that are the right fit for the cliosport 197 By this I do not mean aftermarket ( i know there is plenty of them) but I mean alloys on other makes/models of cars new and old that are compatible...
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    Why have they not done anything?

    Renault must be aware (for some years) with the steering wheel quality issue, just wondering why they have never addressed this on any 197/200's? It's very poor
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    Why modify?

    Just wondering who on here actually keeps there car standard and who is itching to 'tinker' and change stuff? Why? (obviously no right and wrong to this i'm just interested to know what different peoples thought process behind it is) I have experience of heavy modification to a smart...