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  1. Wozzer

    GW 197 cup

    Great Job
  2. Wozzer

    What tyres for X85?

    I’d look at: I found them very informative. I ended up putting the 2021 Bridgestone Porenza Sports on mine but I don’t run it during Autumn/winter which is just as ell as they need some heat.
  3. Wozzer

    Best place to get the old girl mapped? (UK)

    I'd fitted a new exhaust system (Manfold to tail pipes) and had to get it remapped. Used Engine Dynamics very happy with the end result.
  4. Wozzer

    Headlights - New or Fixable?

    Unfortunately the lens plastic structure has degraded it's not obvious in the photo but you can see a fragmetention of light (looks splintered). The sanding and polishing would only sort out the rough exterior.
  5. Wozzer

    Headlights - New or Fixable?

    Thanks for the advice - I guessed I was looking at new units but wanted see if there were alternative solutions before committing to a purchase.
  6. Wozzer

    Headlights - New or Fixable?

    Hi, Regarding the headlight units on my RS200 and the degradation of the polycarbonate (upper trailing edge), there is a 'crackle' look on the inside of the lens (see pictures) am I looking at new units or can the polycarbonate be replaced/fixed?
  7. Wozzer

    Clio 197 owner from Holland

    Welcome, like you my Clio wasthe answer to my mid-life crisis.
  8. Wozzer

    Road/ocassional track tyre

    I’m about to fit the new Bridgestone Potenza Sports they’ve received great reviews and critically available in 17inch size. Strictly a summer tyre though as they do need to have some heat in them but not to the extent a Michelin Cup 2 does.
  9. Wozzer

    Rear end instability

    I can recommend Northampton Motorsport on the wheel alignment which I think would be a good start - if you tell them what you experienced they can at least look for potential issue as they do the job. I think I paid £100 for my Clio only a couple of weeks ago and they did a great job. Main...
  10. Wozzer

    Rear end instability

    I've never heard the need to inflate the tyres 0.2 bar above manufacturers stated level. Tracks a different matter given the heat generated. I typically run at 33psi on road but I've run at 30 on the rears and still never experienced the slide you had not at such a slow speed.
  11. Wozzer

    Rear end instability

    That’s not normal and I’d definitely get someone to look at the car. 30mph in my RS200 does not displace the rear end i’d have to be going considerably faster.
  12. Wozzer

    PMS Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust

    No it’s remains stock items. I’ve just had the car serviced and I’d had a good look under the car with the mechanic it’s all looking okay (springs not showing unessaru wear) but I suppose poly bushes will help. I do about 2k miles a year. If you do have it poly bushed I’d be interested what...
  13. Wozzer

    PMS Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust

    Assuming PMS is Pure Motor Sport. Yes I have full Systems with Manifold excellent piece of kit. The mechanic who looks after my car is ex-BTCC and was really impressed with the fabrication and said it was pretty straight forward to fit. Sounds great and you'll notice the performance difference...
  14. Wozzer

    Install an aftermarket head unit - Can you still change clock settings?

    Hi, I'm looking to install an aftermarket headunit in my 2010 Clio RS200 Gordini - does anyone know if I can you still change clock settings via the head unit? I have the display without buttons so need to be able to change clock via headunit. Appreciate I'll need a conversion wiring loom of...
  15. Wozzer

    New Clio 200 Owner - Few issues/questions

    I can't help you with all the points you've raised but below are my responses: 4. Glovebox - The fit of the glovebox seems to be off with the right hand side sitting slightly lower than the left so when closed it doesn't sit properly flush to the dashboard. Is this something that can be...
  16. Wozzer

    Complete Exhaust System - Recommendations

    I have the Pure Motorsport exhaust including the manifold on an RS200. It's a great with an obvious torque advantage at about 4000rpm (kick-in the back) and wonderful noise especially when the second camshaft moves into place.
  17. Wozzer

    Another exhaust manifold thread....

    It depends on the options you choose. I have the racing 4-2-1 manifold along with exhaust which I had to specify both the cat and silencer to ensure it was street legal. But your right it cost £1500 as I’d forgotten I’d bought some New springs
  18. Wozzer

    Another exhaust manifold thread....

    I had to replace my exhaust manifold recently. Standard OEM as you probably know is about £1100. I could have picked up a cheap item off eBay but opted for Pure Motorsports stainless steel manifold and also went for the accompanying exhaust system. Anyway £1700 later and it sounds (especially...