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  1. 68Y

    Loud belt sound when steering car

    Heyo, I am not mechanical at all. I get a loud (belt?) screeching sound when I turn my car's steering wheel when it's cold. Does anyone know what this might indicate an issue with? It doesn't feel any different through the steering wheel It only happens when the car has been sat overnight or...
  2. 68Y

    Aftermarket Radio Options

    Apologies if this has already been asked a few times, I did look but couldn't find anything. Has anyone managed to find a single din aftermarket radio w/ Bluetooth that doesn't have crazy bright lights or gimmicks? I am after something that looks like it could have come with the car. Failing...
  3. 68Y

    First Clio 200/Renault

    Hi, Just got my first Renault which happens to be a 200. Looking forward to checking out some of the stuff on here and hopefully learning a bit of mechanical knowledge - which I currently do not have! Cheers