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  1. gaz-williams

    Anybody recommend or bought

    Clio 197 cup
  2. gaz-williams


    Need new discs and pads for my Clio 197 cup could someone send me the link to someone I have found some on eBay but not sure if there worth it, I want the original brembo front and original rear cheers.
  3. gaz-williams

    Precat help

    Hi there I'm really stuck with options don't know what to do I have a Clio 197 cup I have. a ktec cat back and ktec decat and I want to get the other cat removed was wondering what options I can go for I'm front he north Wales area Wrexham could do with some help I font want a toysport manifold...
  4. gaz-williams

    Toyosport manidfol

    Could someone send me the link please for the toyosport manifold cheers.
  5. gaz-williams


    My Clio 197 has got a KTR cat back with decat and getting the precat silincer removed next month and getting it mapped after Christmas anybody got any printouts of there gains on bhp and torque and could post there modifications would be great cheers.
  6. gaz-williams

    200: Green rs200 wrexham

    Anyone on here parks in wickes wrexham??
  7. gaz-williams

    Side lights

    Bought some led side lights and they were okay but one is starting to fliscker on and off so I'm just going to get some new ones any idea whci ones to get I'm getting them off HID direct this time which ones do you guys have??
  8. gaz-williams


    As stupid as I sound what coolant shall I buy to top it up or shall I just use water??
  9. gaz-williams

    Ktr manifold pre cat delete pipe

    Anybody have this fitted to there ktr exhaust with a decat and the ktr manifold pre cat delete pipe thinking about getting it anybody have a video to show would be great.
  10. gaz-williams

    KTR induction kit

    Is an induction kit worth it people say yes and people say no I don't know what to do thinking about getting a remap in December the mods at the minute are ktec system with decat and ITG panel filter should I replace it for the induction kit LR keep the panel filter in??
  11. gaz-williams

    Steering and bearing

    Got a bit of a problem took my car to my mates garage yesterday and my driver side wheel bearing is what I should say F**@d its really loose and when I turn my steering to the left its got like some scraping noise coming from the that wheel to by any chance do I need to change the hub and...
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    Got a squeak coming from somewhere at really low speeds if I'm coming to a stop there's a squeak at a certain spot pads are okay don't have a clue what it is cleaned the car Saturday think it might be something stuck but still got it any ideas?
  13. gaz-williams

    Detailing Ford Focus ST

    I should of took the before pictures there is on with just swirls and one with them removed as much as I could! Really did come out good. Started with the snow foam, Moved on to bucket washing it followed by drying it and using iron X and rinsed off dryed and clay barred! Got the machine...
  14. gaz-williams

    Exhaust tips

    Got a ktec exhaust system on my Clio 197 cup and tailpipes are slashed so you can't really see them but it sounds so good and its a shame you can't see them so I was thinking about investing in some exhaust tips was thinking about going different and buying some ford focus rs look a like tips so...
  15. gaz-williams

    Gearbox oil!

    Want to change the gearbox oil so was wondering what oil I should get been looking at redline oil on Opie oils but not sure the grade seen a few posts on here 75w90 is that the correct grade? Has anyone got any recommendations would be great!
  16. gaz-williams

    Urgent help!!!!

    In the muddle of doing. soil change and filter I bought a filter tool from halfords which are like big pliers but I can't seem to get it off I've even tried the screwdriver trick because I'm so pissed of but that hasn't worked! Which way should I access it from the top or the bottom and is there...
  17. gaz-williams

    Wheel refurbishment

    Getting my wheels done next Wednesday in the wheel specialist Manchester anybody been there before for refurbs just want to know what there like few people I've spoke to said there top notch!
  18. gaz-williams

    Side lights

    Bought a Clio 197 cup in white Friday and one of my side lights have stopped working so I thought I would get some white ones anybody know of any really bright side lights I could get cheers!
  19. gaz-williams

    Picking this up friday

    Picking up this Friday can't wait!