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    Rear Signal Bulb

    Hi, I have changed the rear passenger side signal bulb with 3 different bulbs and no joy? Any ideas, fuse, wiring fault, never had an issue in the last 6 years changing bulbs just fine. Cheers
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    Due to have the cambelt etc. done shortly, spoke to renault who have the type d coolant but they said its green/ blue. Where as the coolant in there is yellow. I take it coolants shouldnt be mixed if there different. Not sure what to buy, as halfords have the pre-mixed orange stuff also...
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    Brembo Stickers

    Bit of a long shot..does anyone have or know anyone local-ish to milton keynes that would have the 90mm Brembo stickers in white. Looked on ebay the most hopeful seller is away, and the others are going to take 3-5 days. Thanks
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    Milltek Exhaust

    Recently noticed my car seems to smell quite strongly of fuel out the exhaust. Not only first thing in the morning anymore. Seems to be a lot of carbon build up on the tailpipes aswell, much more than it used to, almost like oil but it isnt oil. Any ideas? could it be a problem with the CAT...
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    Clicking/ Tapping When Releasing the Clutch

    With the engine on, when releasing the clutch, at the biting point almost, with the car stationary i can hear a very distinct clicking tapping metal on metal type of sound. If i release my foot off the clutch quickly it will do this everytime. One sound not continuous. I can also hear this...
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    Clio Battery??

    Looking to disconnect my battery over the weekend briefly. Took a look yesterday and was wondering if someone could explain why there are 2 positive cables and 2 negative? On every car i have looked at or owned just 2 cables a red and black. is there anything i need to be aware of when...
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    Sorry if this sounds pretty stupid but i dont know so thought id ask. I am looking to remove my ITG Maxogen, and it would make it much easier if i could unplug this wire, but im not sure what it is. Bad picture as i cant circle what i am talking about as i cant upload a picture at work...
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    **Battery Surround Removal?**

    Looking to take out my ITG Maxogen to give it a good clean, as its lost its roar and i think this is down to it being dirty. Because of the size of it i cant get it out past the battery and surround. Could anybody give me a couple of simple intructions on removing the battery & surround...
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    Wheel Fitment Help

    Am i right in thinking the clio has an offset of ET68? Would a set of wheels with an ET35 offset be far to off? I noticed someone has fitted some Cades alloys that are an ET45 and yeah the portrude a little but not crazy? Only problem is there 18" although would prefer 17" as im on the...
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    How do you know?

    Ever since i left my car in gear instead of the handbrake over last winter my gearbox seems like its on its way out. Now im not necessarily blaming leaving it in gear but thats when i first remember it starting to play up. I have read numerous gearbox threads on here with them going worng...
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    Is this normal?

    Is this a normal build up or leak? The pic is from underneath facing front to back, so leftside of the engine. Thanks
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    Suggestions PLEASE

    Well driving along a very dark country road lastnight right before a tight bend (hence not swerving) i think i hit a HUGE deer. Now the deer was already dead and by a quick look headless, looking at it from a distance i just thought fox or something smaller so decided to runover it as not to...
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    Chrome Nimbus (no effects)

    Reflection shot from the weekend when the weather was much better.
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    You hear this sound....

    Then you see a van. Legend lol A 172'd kangoo. I think this is great and sounds really good
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    Jamsport Service + Supercharged beast

    Just had a quick service done at jamsport, and got a nice little treat when i went there. A passenger ride in 'MikeLY's' supercharged beast. What a machine. I want one lol Thought id drop a little post as i didnt get the chance to say goodbye as i think you went out in one of the focus rs's...
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    Engine running abit strange

    My car does need a service, but hasnt made much difference in the past. The last couple of days when i start my car it starts as normal but then the revs drop more than usual and sounds kind of lumpy and abit stuttery for a couple of seconds, almost like it wants to stall. Also when...
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    Speedy Carwash

    Dont know if this is a repost, or if its anyone on this forum as theres cheeky 197 hiding. Quite amusing think the song makes it.
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    Car Service Indicator?

    Do anyone know how early the 'service due soon' appears as im sure i had a good 4000 miles until my service was due, but its popped up? Thanks
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    A touch of negative camber lol

    Dont know if anyone has seen this before, or if its there thing but i think its worth sharing. Saw it ages ago now and watched it again think its funny the blokes reaction lol
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    Conti CS3's VS Conti CS5's

    Im desperately in need of four new tyres, im hearing mixed reviews about the cs5 with a couple of people saying there not as good as they have a harder tyre wall and have a little less traction?? Ive always loved the cs3s as there what ive been used to since owning the car, but have been told...