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    100k refresh

    Hi all, So my car has ticket over 100k now and even since I've owned it (which hasn't been long) I've noticed things getting a bit sloppier on the handling side of things, and it has just developed a slight knock when reversing out my drive. The steering also feels a bit notchy when on full...
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    Urgent heater help!!

    Hi all, So I've been out in the car this evening and pulled the stereo out as my other half has got me a new one for my birthday. As I've pulled the stereo out I've lost the lights on the heater display. I've still got lights on the controls (so fan speed, direction etc), but no lights on the...
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    Hi all, So I just bought a 2011 200. The guy I bought it from says the car has previously been de-catted, but being a garage he had to sell it with the cat back on. Driving the car there seems to be a bit of delay when you touch the throttle, there is a little over-run when you let off the...