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  1. damiandvs

    Two errors showing on obd

    Hi guys got 2 codes on car currently And running not the best. No spanner light which is odd P0105 And P0351 Any help on where to start. Could they be related Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. damiandvs

    Air leak

    Hi guys replaced the cam shaft positioning sensor yesterday since then I can hear an intermittent air leak or something, sounds like when you pull the dipstick out while the engine is running kind of noise like a little squeal
  3. damiandvs

    Possible Gear Linkage issue

    Hi Had a refurb box put in about 4 days ago, all good and much better However today drove to work parked up and felt that the stick would not return (spring back from 5th and 6th) and when in 3rd and 4th i can just push the gear lever to the right whilst engaged and driving? No crunching or...
  4. damiandvs

    Gearbox replacement

    Hi guys Got my car booked in any rough idea on how long it takes to swap out a box usually I a 197
  5. damiandvs

    Exhaust started to get hot hot hot and engine seems to be running warmer than usual

    Noticed the other day that my exhaust system is getting hotter than before very very hot causing a melt on my diffuser, system ain't moved, running scorpion res with decat pre cat still in place, engine also running a bit hotter than usual and fan is kicking in without even booting it Any help...
  6. damiandvs

    Sprint poster question

    Just installed my sprint booster only question really is the led in the button supposed to stay on when car switched off
  7. damiandvs

    Car Sluggish after 65 ish

    Happend over the past couple of weeks and have noticed the revs not picking up as quick after 65-70 and seems to take a bit to get it going further, seems to be fine 0-60 any ideas or suggestions on where to start, also noticed revs dropping to a bout 600 then back to about 900 when coming off...
  8. damiandvs

    Who Makes the OEM clutch

    as in the title Will this do the trick? Good Deal...
  9. damiandvs

    Squeak annoying !!!!!

    Only started 2 days ago cam belt and aux belt and pulleys and dephaser all done 5 months ago by birchdown Can the alternation brushes make this kind of noise Rubbish video on way home from work this morning
  10. damiandvs

    who make the standard rear discs on the 197?

    who make the standard rear discs on the 197?
  11. damiandvs

    White 197 Wrexham morrisons

    Anyone on here :)
  12. damiandvs

    What's people's thoughts on these splitters :)
  13. damiandvs

    Easy to fit rear discs and pads???

    Hi can't seem to find a how to any help would be much appreciated :)
  14. damiandvs

    Toyosport Manifold Powerflex bushes

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows if the toyosport Manifold will knock against the subframe if I just use the new powerflex pack?
  15. damiandvs

    Gearbox grindy noise on decelartion

    It's happend since I have had it no issues with gear changes just a bit noisy on deceleration. Any ideas. Oil change help?
  16. damiandvs

    UR vinyl roof rap

    Fancied getting this done for a while Anyone had this done on an UR in gloss black? any pictures? Cheers
  17. damiandvs

    Gaskets needed

    Hi guy replacing exhaust manifold what gaskets are required?
  18. damiandvs

    Any one used this stone chip system

    If its anything to go by, there how to promo video makes the product look great looks like a fair few clubs, porshe, etc. Have put up good write ups face some albeit a bit pricey Chipex Car Paint Chip Repair System:
  19. damiandvs

    Beeping is p****ng me off

    On locking the car it beeps twice unlocking 1 beep searched everywhere for solution. Checked bonnet switch and tested ok Any help much appreciated
  20. damiandvs

    Is this the source of the knock

    Should there be any movement? Top engine stabaliser: damo