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    What service?

    I've had my 197 just over a year and have had the service indicator flash up on the past few weeks. It's just ticked over 87K miles. The last was at 78K where the cambelt and waterpump were changed along with the oil/filter. Before then at 68K just the oil was changed. I'm trying to fugure...
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    Windows Tint Line

    Bit of a strange question but I'm looking at a 197 for sale at the moment which I should hopefully be going to view tomorrow. However I've noticed in the pictures that the rear tints have some sort of border line all around them. This doesn't seem to be the case with all the other ones I've...
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    Newbie from the Cotswolds

    Hi guys, I'm Scott, just signed up as I'v recently started the hunt for a 197. I'm currently driving a Honda Integra DC5 (pic below) but have just sold it after 3 1/2 years ownership as I will soon be house hunting. Will be gutted to see it go but excited for a change. The 197 looks a cracking...