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    Tyre size help

    Hey, I'm on 3mm tread on the back and 2mm on the front, I'm on standard 17inch wheels with 215/45 tyres, I'm gonna be lowering on H&R springs soon and getting the wheel spacers, I've been nosying around on here and noticed people have gone for a 225 tyre because it looks better, would the...
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    Exhaust information

    Hey, Iv had my 200 about a month now, I'm just after some ideas on getting a bit more noise, I don't want it silly loud or anything, Would cat back be the route I'm after? I'm not after any more power, and I wanna go straight through m.o.t's. Im a bit confused with the cats too? Do I only...
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    Alpine head unit

    Iv got a 200cup and the stereo in it looks dreadful, my mates got an Alpine 9882R sat on his side which he said I can have if I wash his car ha, i was just wondering how it would work with controls just behind the steering wheel? Are only certain head units compatible or is there a wire I can...
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    The change from 5th to 6th

    Went for a spin tonight, and when driving 'spiritedly' and changing from 5th to 6th it felt horrible, like It was crunching in a little bit, but when driving normally at say 50-60 mph the change is smooth, it only seems to do it at 70mph plus?
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    Loving the RS200.

    Having come from a 450bhp astra VXR I was worried about the clio. The clio has really impressed me! I love how it just keeps revving, I new the handling was gonna be good but it's miles and miles ahead of the astra! The only thing I miss really is the low down surge of power, i love going...
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    Brakes are poor

    I've just bought my 2011 rs200 cup, I was doing about 65 yesterday and thought I'd test them, I jumped on them and I swear the work van stops quicker. It has been stood for a few months, I'd done around 120 miles in it on the way home before I jumped on the brakes. My last 2 cars had big...
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    Picking up the clio rs200 on Friday,

    Hey, just signed up, I pick up my clio RS 200 cup on Friday afternoon, can't wait! used to have a 452bhp astra VXR built by RS Tuning, So I'm used to gearbox troubles ha, I'm just unsure of...