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  1. dayc

    GW Clio 200, Leamington

    Followed you past Tenpin Bowling and Sainsburys about 6pm ish. Reg: B*60 USB Looked very clean Pistonheads, & cliosport stickers in the window's
  2. dayc

    Clio Trophy in the black Mountains

    Hope you don't mind me still posting pics post R27.... but finally got round to doing South Wales today as i've already done the North & Mid Wales a few Times.... Headed towards Llandovery then headed South down the A4069 'Black Mountain Road' then back through the Breacon Beacons on the...
  3. dayc

    1st Annual Clio Trophy Meet and something Green!

    Shots from Sunday's first Annual Clio Trophy Meet and DazBav's new Clio 200, certainly got a few looks!! Cheers Chris.
  4. dayc

    Clio Trophy #428 in Mid Wales

    Seeing as i'm a former 197/R27 owner i thought i could just about get away with posting a few pics of my Trophy on here!! I took the Opportunity to take #428 to the Elan Valley and the Aberystwyth Mountain Road and down to Devils Bridge today.....the Trophy has now covered 1500 miles since i...
  5. dayc

    No. 035/500

    Deep Black Full Decals Xenons & Cornering Lights Auto Lights and Wipers Climate Control & Folding Mirrors Purchased by me on 17/04/08 with 9,000 miles on the clock, and sold on 31/07/09 with 22,000 miles on the clock. Now the proud owner of Clio Trophy #428/500.