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  1. quik97

    Wires to the engine fan

    Can anybody with a Clio 197 tell me which colour wires goes to the engine cooling fan. One goes to the switch in the bottom of the rad and the other goes to the fan just don't know which is which. One set of wires is pink and purple but don't know which way round they should be. Thanks
  2. quik97

    wondering under acceleration and braking?

    so the clio has started to feel a little unstable under acceleration and braking and feels like its wandering all over the place. the car really tramlines on the a1 worse than it used to. not looked at anything yet but whats the symptoms of the hub ball joints and anyone any idea or had similar...
  3. quik97

    white 200 ****GYU in stamford

    just spotted you in stamford looks cleaner than mine
  4. quik97

    blue r27 wittering

    keep seeing Bangbangbenny around camp but noticed a blue r27 recently too looks tidy and sounds alright too
  5. quik97

    white clio 200 CLIO 4 U corby

    out for a nice drive out with MikeLYR27 and came across this lunatic trying to race us on the public highway.
  6. quik97

    Chavy 200 top of eckington

    Spotted this top of eckington, bit of a chavvy plate and I think it's got vinyl wrapped bonnet. And check out the canards bet he thinks he's on fast and the furious, probably used to run nos too!
  7. quik97

    is this the start of being hacked again

    all of these users online at the same time with a rather suspiciously similar names koveiceng6, koveinwlt7, koveipcsc1, koveitdjx2, koveivjjh6, koveiwklb5, koveiyfcv1, koveiyniq8, kovniemih6, kovniesco6, kovnigvxw2, kovnihzto1, kovnijqpe6, kovnilwfr3, kovnimdyw9, kovnimzbs9...
  8. quik97

    kw v1 rear all the way down

    is there anyone running without the adjusters in the kw's on the rear? any problems with this as they just don't go low enough on the rear?
  9. quik97

    20 mm spacer pics

    had a quick look then got lazy when i couldnt find any decent pics. has anyone got any pics with 20mm spacers please looking at getting some at end of the month.
  10. quik97

    white 197 st athan

    spotted this afternoon heading towards st athan.
  11. quik97

    gw 197 in eckington fri 24th aug

    you followed me through eckington on fri afternoon.
  12. quik97

    best red top location

    right folks where is the best place to place a red top 25 battery other that the engine bay? this is the place I've got it at the minute. been told its not a good idea to surround it by foam and carpet so I'm gonna move it. this is the passenger foot well.
  13. quik97

    spoiler end plate bolts

    does any one know how long and what thread it is on the cup spoiler end plates? i want to buy some anti theft bolts but need to know what thread and length.
  14. quik97

    help identifying wheel center caps

    i bought these ages ago under the pretence that they were for a 197 but they don't fit my speed lines can anyone identify if they are for normal 197 wheels or older clio's. so i can sell them with the correct description.
  15. quik97

    removed my rear wiper

    removed my rear wiper today and replaced it with a glass blank from germany. ignore the black bodge tape I'm still waiting on bic for my diamonds and have sprayed the centre bit white. any way i think it looks smart and never use the rear wiper anyway.
  16. quik97

    fuel filter?

    my cars due another service which i can do my self but does the 197 have a fuel filter and where is it. not seen any for sale so is there anything that needs cleaning?
  17. quik97

    clio cup white

    is the 197 clio cup white available in white from halfords does anyone know and what is the paint code if they can mix me some. I'm thinking of spraying the black surround of the front badge white then the badge black. but because it will be next to the white of the bumper i need the correct paint.
  18. quik97

    black r27 wittering village

    spotted this tonight whilst out for a run black r27 parked up in wittering village, with gold stickers. I've got at a white 197 cup and live round corner from you.
  19. quik97

    un aprroved visiter message?

    how do i view an un approved visitor message? it says i have one but can't seem to access it anywhere.
  20. quik97

    rear wiper hole

    does any one know the size of the hole in the glass for rear wiper to fit between? don't want to take mine to pieces just to measure hole