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  1. Matt_555

    It's been a while

    Since i posted anything or infact properly washed, polished and waxed her.....and she was very very dirty;););)..... so today was the day:P got a pic from the other night parked next to UR 200 FF looked good next to each other:P Todays Wash :) Before: After: sorry...
  2. Matt_555


    Newark Road, i work at Kwik Fit and saw you drive past, hope you didnt see mine as it looks like i've been rallying in it cause of all this F'in SNOW:P
  3. Matt_555

    Sat clean:P

    Not Posted for some time so just gave her a quick wash polish and wax nothing too big just a light wash etc:P plus too show the stickers only got round to putting on:P waxing;) Loves when the discs look rusty from cleaning :( The sun came out:P stickers Pictures on Iphone...
  4. Matt_555

    Storm Grey 200 Lincoln?

    Near Rookery Lane junction shops i was in my AG 200.... dont know if your on here or not lol
  5. Matt_555

    Ly F1 A46 Lincoln

    Wasnt in my green one just saw you....are you on here:P
  6. Matt_555

    Black 200 Newark

    On London Road at about 1 ish You flashed me apprently was my girlfriend driving:P
  7. Matt_555

    Joined the Club ;)

    traded my black 197 in for AG 200 cup and i.........LOVE it not a great deal of difference always liked the color and wanted a cup so woooo its a very marmite color people either like it or they dont... i however do so thats all that matters;) i need to be accepted into the 200 fraternity...
  8. Matt_555

    Who's gonna win premiership?

    C'mon Chelsea:P
  9. Matt_555

    Australia LOLS

    i'm probably well behind on this but it just made me laugh sooooooo much, .....had to post Aussie review of the clio 200:P
  10. Matt_555


    I dont know what everybody else thinks....but this may be the worst looking 197 i personally have ever seen:P its really not that bad a set of standerd lights would make it better just ewwww the lights ruin it for me:P
  11. Matt_555

    Game of fifa anyone??

    Well want a game of fifa(ps3) with me soon???? dunno where else to post it haha:P should do a 197 tournament;) .....or is that getting a little bit sad:P
  12. Matt_555

    Spotted 2 in cornwall

    1 White 197 cup 08 plate i St'Ives and a LY F1 team in hayle anyone??????
  13. Matt_555

    Went on holiday a week

    Well yeah, Missed my car so much(longest i've ever been away from her:P) because we took the more fuel economic 1.0 Yaris because of its fuel econemy and them stupid cornish roads with no room.... didnt wanna damage the olde paint anyway told my mum while i was away she could drive the clio...
  14. Matt_555

    Wheel alignment setting?

    Does anybody know the setting can't find it anywhere and cba to ring stealers and there arses and probably wouldn't give it to me anyway lol thankyou!
  15. Matt_555

    radio/audio will not turn on???

    Well like the title it's not turning on I have checked fuse's and they appear to be fine!:( my disply jut reads me the time and temp :( don't know what is wrong any idea's???? Thankyou
  16. Matt_555


    Bought some Turtle Wax Neo Gen polish/wax stuff from halfrauds the other day and it said "NEW" although its probably been out ages and the price was dead low i gave it a try today:O:O!! And it really surprised me with the results not amazing but for the price Blinding!! Tbh it would be the...
  17. Matt_555

    Albi Blue F1 Team, Lincoln

    Saw u Drive past my work in Lincoln, Newark Road Mine was parked outside think u saw it cause you looked:)
  18. Matt_555

    200hp citroen ds3 r3

    Aimed to rival the Clio, May be a few mixed opinions, my personal opinion is UGLY but thats just me:)
  19. Matt_555


    On the way home other night and turned really foggy only had my phone on me so not the greatest photo's just gutted i didnt have the proper camera on me:(
  20. Matt_555

    Wheels or a Remap?

    New wheels or a Remap what shall i do sooo confuzed :( send me in right directon;)